Wordmark Logos – Guide for Start-ups and New Business

Wordmark logos are text-only logos, without a symbol. So, Nike is not a wordmark logo whereas Coca-Cola is a wordmark.

Most first-time business owners believe that their logo has to be a symbol. It is because “anyone can create a text logo” and they want their logo to stand apart. So, a real estate business mostly intends to include a home in their logo. This makes the logo look generic and fails to solve the purpose of standing out.

A high percentage of our clients want their business type to identify with their logo. A shoe manufacturer wants to include a symbol of a shoe, and a car dealer wants to incorporate a car in their logo. The idea is to let the client know about your business by just having a look at your logo. Though this can be effectively conveyed using a tagline, some people are not satisfied with the argument. Wordmark logos are not for such business owners.

Who should go with a wordmark logo?

The answer depends on your goal.

If you want to be identified as a real estate (or any other industry) company, you would want to include a shape of home in your logo. The central idea is to let the prospects know that you do real estate business.

On the other hand, if you want your business name to be popular and identified with some unique characteristic, you should go in for a wordmark logo. It is because a wordmark logo focusses on standing out the name of your business in a unique way.

Wordmark logos are simple and most popular logos are often wordmarks. Google, Facebook, Coca-Cola, and Sony are examples of wordmark logos.

When to go in for a wordmark logo?

1. If your business is new.
2. When you have a unique offering.
3. When you have a unique business name like Google or Etsy.

How to go about creating a wordmark logo?

1. Select the right font or typeface. Use the following tips to select a typeface that suits you.
a. Caps show seriousness and professionalism.
b. Lowercase and asymmetric is used for fun and kids stuff.
c. Traditional logos are marked by Serif fonts.
d. Modern logos use Sans Serif fonts.

2. Some other font considerations are:
a. Lowercase or uppercase.
b. Font shape: Square, rectangular, round, tilted, thin, bold etc.

3. Creating a custom font or typeface:
Custom fonts are often created by modifying a font or mixing properties of two different fonts. Custom fonts give a unique character to your logo that makes it look different and stand out from a crowd of other logos. Though it may sound simple, creating a custom typeface is the task of a highly skilled logo designer. The new font should look balanced and finished.

4. Other ways to lend uniqueness to your wordmark logo.

a. Modify a single alphabet. A single alphabet can sometimes become a center point of your logo. Giving more stress in a single alphabet makes the whole thing look unusual and unique.

b. Color: Using unusual shades or color combinations can also make your logo unique. Some brands use their logo colors so effectively that the specific color starts representing their brand. A good example is a purple use in Cadburys logo.

c. Letter spacing: Letter spacing is a great tool to bring about that uniqueness in your logo. Bring the letters too close or widening the gaps give the effect of a new typeface.

Wordmark logos are strongly recommended for new brands as they focus on the brand name. A new business wants its name to be remembered, and a wordmark logo does just that.

Wonder whether a wordmark logo would be an appropriate one for your business? Get in touch, and we will be happy to clear your doubts over a free round of brand consultation.

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