Whether in the modern day or ancient ages, the design has always existed due to deep inspirations representing timeless values of society, culture, and religion.

One such representation is the Ashok Chakra in the Indian national flag.

Ashoka Chakra is also one of the most recognized symbols of medieval India. It can also be granted the honor of being one of the most prestigious symbols known in the history of India till date.

Most Indians have seen this symbol from their childhood and to us, this means much more than what others may think of as a mere wheel.

The name

Its name comes from the name of the great Indian emperor Ashoka, whose kingdom had pillars with this chakra on top.

The origin

After many great conquests, Ashoka got disturbed by the sufferings of war and went on a long pilgrimage of Buddhist holy places. This is where he learned about Buddha and his way of using Dharmachakra (the wheel of dharma or law) to preach his disciples.

What is Dharmachakra?

This is called the wheel of universal law. Things which are established and are meant to be the standard measures. This wheel also emphasizes the cycle of human rebirth. Buddha is supposedly have set in motion this wheel when he gave his first sermon to his disciples.

This wheel can also be seen in Hindu lord Vishnu’s chakra and at many other places in Hindu mythology.

Even beyond Hindu mythology, you can see the dharmachakra in important symbols of various countries of the modern world.

It can be seen in the Coat of arms of Sri lanka, Indian National Flag and Dharmachakra flag of Thailand.

In the context of the Indian flag, the Ashok Chakra has 24 spokes. According to a recent re-interpretation, the 24 spokes portray the following things.

1. Love
2. Courage
3. Patience
4. Peacefulness
5. Magnanimity
6. Goodness
7. Faithfulness
8. Gentleness
9. Selflessness
10. Self-Control
11. Self Sacrifice
12. Truthfulness
13. Righteousness
14. Justice
15. Mercy
16. Gracefulness
17. Humility
18. Empathy
19. Sympathy
20. Spiritual Knowledge
21. Moral Values
22. Spiritual Wisdom
23. The Fear of God
24. The Faith or Trust or belief.

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