Logopie’s list of Web design resources

Logopie has compiled a list of web design resources useful to anyone seeking to start their first web design project. These resources are also useful for website owners who want to improve their website functioning and conversion. We regularly post important information on new trends, e-commerce, design, technologies, and internet marketing.

If you are starting a new business, this list of resources will bring a clarity to your thought process. We regularly keep adding fresh information to this section, so keep coming back!

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10 Reasons Why Website is an Important Tool For Business

Ten Reasons To Use Shopify For Your Online Store

Characteristics of a Minimalist Design

How to Select The Right Shopping Cart For Your Online Store?

Five signs your website needs a redesign

The Definitive E-commerce Website Launch Checklist

Five Important Elements of Website Design

10 Reasons To Use WordPress for Small Business Website Design

WordPress is a well-known content management system that has evolved over the years as one of the extensively used website creation platforms. It is good for small businesses to use WordPress as it is affordable, manageable and offers all the flexibility needed for a small business. Quick set up and Launch WordPress is a pre-designed […]

10 Reasons to use Woocommerce for your online store

10 Reasons to use Woocommerce for your online store Creating a successful e-commerce store is not a cakewalk. It takes enormous amounts of efforts to develop, manage and market an e-commerce store. While building an e-commerce store for the first time, most entrepreneurs face issues that lead to frustration, lost money and opportunities. Woocommerce is […]

Top 10 website design trends in 2018

The only constant is the change. This statement stands right for websites as well. Since their advent in mid-nineties, sites have been undergoing drastic changes year on year. Let us have a look at the top 10 website design trends in 2018. 1. Responsive Design A site is responsive when it realigns itself by following […]

20 Ways to Design An Engaging Website

Everyone who creates a website does so for a purpose. One of the most common goals for creating a site is to engage the users with the website or brand. This engagement may lead to further user actions in the form of signing up for a subscription, buying a product or even requesting for more […]

Cost of web design – how much and why?

We buy things we want to, and we buy things we need. Needs are forced purchases while wants are desired purchases. To explain the cost of web design, let us first look at an example of groceries v/s car. We need to buy groceries each month, and many of us buy discounted ones. On the […]

8 professional tips for a new website design

With new websites launched every day, the internet is overflowing with information. It has become difficult to make your site stand out from others. Since no business wants its website to be just another face in the crowd, here are eight professional tips to help you with your new website design. Focus on content Your website […]

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