A retro logo conveys the values of a company such as workmanship and integrity, taking the emotions back to old times when such logo designs were all over.

So, what exactly is retro?

Retro means replicating an old world pattern in this new age. A closely and sometimes alternately used term is “vintage”. However, vintage is something that belongs to the old times whereas retro means using an old age design pattern.

This blog will helo you understand the emotions behind creating a retro / vintage logo.

To understand the things in detail, we need a little time travel in the past.

Throughout history, we can see presence of complex monograms used to signify beliefs and strengths of kingdoms and educational institutions. Such monograms would comprise of objects and tools that formed the basis of such kingdoms and institutions. Visit any museum or place of historical important and you will be able to spot such monograms.

For kingdoms, animals, artillery, forts, faunna and flags used to be common components of such monograms. These monograms occupied space right from their massive gates to cutlery, linen, crowns, shields, chests and anything that represented the sovereign and things related to them. Monograms used to occupy a prominent place in their flags as well. These were the times when wearing such a monogram was a sign of respect and dominance.

Many finer versions of monograms were used in those days. One version popular till today is a  Royal Cypher or a personalised monogram with initials of a ruling monarch was used on buildings and official documents that bore the stamp of monarch.

All those who’ve grown up watching stories of kings and queens on tv have developed an emotion that connects such logos with respect, leadership and dominance. At the same time they also gives a feeling of integrity and loyalty.

For institutions (mainly educational), the objects would be books, lamps and objects that depicted discoveries and inventions of those times. Many educational institutions of those times continue to flourish and command respect even today.
The cusp of 19th and 20th centuries witnessed even more industrialisation and stronger emergence of companies over kingdoms.

Companies would largely depend on fonts to show their characteristic beliefs. This was a time when companies were controlled within families and this trait would show in their logo designs as well as names. Names like Mr.X & Sons was the flavour of those times and demonstrated the influence of family names on businesses, some of which continue to exist today.

Going with a retro logo lends such emotions to your brand. If you are in a business that derives itself somewhere from the past, retro logos would be the most suitable for you.

Restaurants serving traditional food, antique dealers, liquor brands and handicraft manufacturers tend to gain most by using retro design logos for their business.

Similarly, educational institutions who prefer the traditional ways over modern ones can also convey the right message using a vintage style logo.

Other industries that commonly retro logos are chocolates and sweets, ice creams and cigars.

Retro logos have a strong power of taking you away from the nuisance of present day to the innocence of older days. A retro logo greets your customers with a feeling a calmness, warmth and trust. If these are the traits you want your logo to emote, you cannot go wrong with a retro logo.

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