The only constant is the change. This statement stands right for websites as well. Since their advent in mid-nineties, sites have been undergoing drastic changes year on year.

Let us have a look at the top 10 website design trends in 2018.

1. Responsive Design

A site is responsive when it realigns itself by following the screen size. The idea is to create an optimal experience for the user, irrespective of viewing medium.

Responsive website designs started a few years ago and had seen continuous improvement since then.

2018 will see more websites moving towards responsive design, and the trend is here to stay for years to come.

2. Flat Designs

Designs in solid colors are called flat designs. Websites with flat design do not have gradients and mostly use flat digital imagery.

Flat designs look fresh and simplistic. They are also clean and are used by almost all types of websites.

2018 will see an upward trend in the creation of flat designs for websites.

3. Asymmetric layouts

Asymmetric layouts started in 2017, and its popularity is growing in 2018 too. They look unique and thus become memorable.

Asymmetric layouts can be leveraged by new brands to stand out quickly from the big brands who still prefer generic designs.

4. Long scroll pages

Long scroll pages are suitable for both user interaction and SEO.

A user does not have to click too much (in cases never) to reach the next block of information.

Long scroll pages were immensely popular and would continue to be popular in 2018 as well.

5. Creative Storytelling

Creative storytelling makes use of graphics, shapes, and words to narrate a story that is quickly absorbed by users.

Such stories are pleasing to eyes and remain with users for a more extended period.

There is no specific prescribed medium or style. You are free to create visual stories that effectively communicate the message.

6. Animated sliders

Animated sliders feature the most important messaging of a website.

Such sliders could be anything from a set of pictures or video + pictures or a video over an image.

There is a lot of detailing possible, and these sliders are slowly becoming full-featured animation software in themselves.

The quality and detailing of sliders has seen an upward trend and will continue to be so in 2018.

7. Creative Typography

Typography is another element that lends a specific character to a website.

Creative typography makes a mixed-use of multiple styles and sizes of fonts on the website or a specific section of the page.

As with everything else, it makes the page look attractive and distinct.

8. WordPress rules

WordPress is already the champion of all content management systems, and it will remain so in 2018 as well.

With more and more new WordPress themes and plugins released in the market, you can create almost any type of website with WordPress.

Never before did we have such a strong contender to challenge custom web development.

9. Minimalist designs

While browsing the internet, every once in a while you come across a website that is clean and white and quite calming to your eyes.

Minimalist designs work on the theory of less is more.

Lesser the design and clutter more is the focus of the message.

Minimalist designs have become very popular in some niches such as graphic design and photography and are expected to be embraced by many other verticals.

10. Mobile first

With the mobile population exceeding the desktop, more people prefer to see websites on their mobiles.

Mobile usage has given rise to a trend where websites are created for mobiles and then adapted for the desktop.

The trend will only grow in 2018, and we will see more and more websites redesigned with a mobile-first approach.

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