Note: This post is written for marketers to help understand the role designers play in helping them market their products and services. If you are a designer, you can share this post to boast about your job and skills. If you are a marketer, you will get to learn some fine nuances that you often overlook when performing your job.

  1. Marketers find markets, designers solve problems
  2. Marketers are often lured by the numbers than the need. They get excited by the sheer size of the market and start cooking numbers in their heads and excel sheets. Though it is perfectly alright for them to look at numbers, they need to learn from designers about solving problems.

    Designers have a clearer and detailed thinking. They would get under the skin of the end user and find out his problems. To them, every problem is unique and needs to be addressed with a clear message. They do not tend to think about making geographic, age, gender or income based groups of the target audience.

    All they are focused on is to show the end user how their one pressing need is addressed.

  3. Creativity plays the lead role
  4. While marketers always want their product to stand out from the competition, it is the designers who create subtle distinctions. They create these distinctions by clever designs that communicate a story to the audience. They help convey your brand message while creating interesting visual content for your target audience. Your audience not just gets attracted to the content but also takes a place in their minds.

  5. Detail oriented
  6. Since designers love to work on solving a specific problem, they get into its details and view it from different perspectives. This way they are able to empathize and better relate to the audience and their needs. In a marketplace that is already overcrowded with products and services, people buy from those who clearly understand and address their specific needs. For example, premium sports shoemakers make separate for all types of sports and their promotional material talks about how the product makes things easier for a specific sport.

    Today, creativity and marketing eventually converge to provide value to the end user. Creative designers are responsible to take the message to the audience. Therefore it is imperative that marketing personnel understand the creative process and bring it to use at their level to make maximum use of the support they get from designers.

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