Over 70% shoppers agree that they perceive the product quality by looking at its packaging.

This is why packaging design is such an important part of product design and development.

Well-designed packaging is always impressive and advantageous to the seller.

Cosmetics industry is constantly being flooded with new brands and consumers has unlimited options to choose from. In such a scenario, a new cosmetic brand really needs to have a distinctive and impressive packaging to stand out.

Designing a cosmetic packaging can be challenging because the designer could need to create a consistent look for different types of containers like sprayers, pumps, droppers, tubes and compacts.

Here are three young cosmetic brands whose packaging designs have been created at Logopie.

1. Earthyskin.com

Earthyskin is a natural, clean and fresh cosmetics brand that has been in business for over a year and sells primarily in the United States. Within this short period of time, Earthy has already won the coveted beauty shortlist award in editor’s choice category. Earthy needed a strong, clean and professional packaging and you can see the results below.

2. Sage Organix

Sage Organix is relatively a new entrant in the US market. Within a short time span of just over a year, Sage has established itself as a formidable name in beauty cosmetics in the USA. The colourful packaging of Sage Organix products have been created on a solid base colour for each category such as moisturisers, face masks and so on. Even with use of so many different colours, Sage products have a consistent branding that ensures they appear to be a part of the same family.

3. The Hade

The Hade is an Indian cosmetics brand with good presence on Instagram. They have a vast range of organic cosmetic products. Their packaging was designed to highlight the main ingredient (each of their products has one main ingredient) which was their USP. Each collection is designed in a unique way but the colourful appearance is consistent across all the collections.

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