We keep writing about logo design from time to time. The reason is that a logo is such an essential part of your overall brand image and people connect with your company via your logo. It is vital that you keep an open eye on the creative trends and keep your brand image intact with changing times.

Whenever you do a logo redesign activity, it is essential to get it right in every possible way.

Here are a few essential tips to help you channelize your logo redesign efforts in the right direction.

1. Retain best parts

Is there something about your current logo that people love? Alternatively, it could be something that stands out and gives the logo its uniqueness and form. Identify one such element and retain it in your new logo. It will ensure brand loyalty from your existing audience.

2.Search for ideas

Is your brand old or new? If it is an old brand, you must look at some crucial milestones in the history of your brand and make them a part of your new logo. The redesign then gets marked with some substance and gives a platform to create stories about your brand.

If your brand is not very old and has nothing much to display as a milestone, you can use some events from the recent past and depict it in your logo. The facts should be of social significance so that it gets rooted in history over a period.

3. Keep it simple

A logo redesign does not mean you have to come up with something more artistic than your current logo. A redesign exercise is done to give a fresh look to your logo and make it in tune with ongoing trends. Most logo redesigns aim to make the logo simpler and easier to connect. If you observe, most iconic brands have the simplest of logos. In most cases, their logos have become simple over a period, giving them more recognition and brand trust.

4. Logo colors

Color is an essential consideration while redesigning your logo. You need to consider it as one of the most critical parts. Most redesigns would pick a vital color from the older logo and incorporate it forcefully into the new one. You need to observe and pin down that one logo color you will be highlighting in your new logo. At times it might not be just one color but a combination of two colors. You then need to focus on the color balance achieved in the new logo.

5. Finer details

Sometimes it is just a change to the more delicate features that help a logo redesign. Eliminating finer details makes the logo appear modern and straightforward. A simple logo is more recognizable, and often that is the whole purpose of a logo redesign.

6. Hidden meanings

Some logos are more like puzzles. They have some playfulness and an element of surprise. Let us take the example of the FedEx logo. The arrow formed by the combination of E and x is visible but gets lost due to an illusionary effect of the whole typeset. When people find this hidden arrow, they get excited and in turn get impressed.

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