Designing a logo is often considered a work of art. People want their logo to be the best in terms of style, colour and what not. It gets difficult to hold back your creative emotions while doing something like designing a logo. It is easy for a new entrepreneur to lose direction while creating her own logo. This happens because the entrepreneur often wants the logo to be aligned with her artistic inclinations.

However, a logo, especially when created for a new business should connect with your customers and represent the true face of your business.

Here are a few business logo design guidelines that can be used by new businesses as a checklist for their logo design.

1. Focus on the message

As a new business, you want to convey certain message to your customers. The message could vary based on your line of business and its core strengths. Make sure the shape, form and colours of your logo convey the same message. Also, the name of your business plays an important part in conveying the message. Make sure you have this message clear in your head and you are able to convey it effectively to the logo designer.

2. Avoid Complexity

Your logo can be creative but try not to bring unnecessary design complexity in your logo. Simple logos are easier to remember and it is important for a new business that their logo is remembered by their consumers. Wherever possible, try using a wordmark logo with or without a supporting icon.

3. Logo Should Reflect Brand Promise

When you sell a product or a service to your customers, they create an image of your brand while making the purchase. Living upto this image is your brand promise. Make sure your logo conveys the right brand promise else you will not be able to win your customer’s trust.

4. Long Lasting Design

When you do some initial research, you will come across different types of logos. Some logos are simple, others look trendier. Remember your logo is not a piece of fashion that can be changed every season. Your logo needs to be there for a long period of time, whatever the ongoing design trends might be.

5. Target Audience

Create your business logo for your target audience. Try understanding their perceptions to colours, styles and shapes. Do not get opinionated by what your friends or employees or family members say about your logo. Opinion is important but it has to come from a prospective customer.

6. Incorporate Diversification

Your current business might be food but tomorrow you may also want to do packaged goods. You will surely want to take the advantage of your existing brand for your new line of business. Make sure your logo is neutral enough to fit in a new business line without changing your existing logo.

7. Be Unique

The best way to be unique while designing a simple logo is to modify the font. A good logo designer can modify a common font to make it unique to your business. Your logo will appear unique as the font will only be seen in your logo. Creating a unique logo without complicating It is the best way to make it memorable for a long period of time.

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