Logos are the face of the company; they are something that instantly relates to your brand. A reminder of your name, brand, company, recognition or many times the first thing that a customer remembers. To the general public, they are crafting that they associate with you.

They are apparently and definitely so much into our lives that their demand is at the peak at this time. Top class logo designing is something all strive for. For instance, we will easily recognize the logos, iconic ones, of Coca-Cola, Mercedes, FIFA, Audi and Penguin Books. The basic idea behind these logos could have been to embed the brand in people’s mind.

Pictures are worth a thousand words and that’s why logos concept comes in to play. There are a few things that should be kept in mind while designing a logo for you. It’s easy to design one, but to stand out of the crowd and make an impact is surely not. Here are a few secret tips to design a killer and impactful logo.

    • Be simple

      The key to a killer design is to the be as simple as you can. It is appreciated and well accepted by customers as well. Citing the famous iconic examples like Curvy script of Coca Cola or a simple bitten apple for Apple logo, their simplicity makes them look easy and appreciated. As inspected and analyzed, the easier the design is, the more it is movable and discussed. It becomes digested to consumers and is retained in their minds for longer time.

    • Be Consistent

      Your logo is gateway to your brand; it is used to communicate a lot about your idea, business and names and that’s why you need to ensure that its design is compatible and displays the message at one glance. If your logo is complex looking, having too many curves might be possible that the onlooker perceives it as a complex business company. The best example stands from the Apple, which showcases the technology at ease, simply with the help of an Apple icon. To convey your brands key characteristic you have to think it out!

    • Be Memorable

      Now that you are trying to be simple, you will be memorable. If your logo is memorable, chances are that customers will return to you and help them understand and remember what you stand for. Being simple and being memorable is different. How? Let’s pick up any iconic logo like Disney’s logo; it could have been a simple font used which could be too usual to remember. However the interesting incongruity of its font has made them so popular that is stands out of the herd and doesn’t disappear.

    • Exceptionally Remarkable

      Be exceptionally remarkable and exemplified quality of your logo will help to deliver the message it is intended to. If you are an established brand, then you need not to think and play with designs, however for startups this makes an important place.

    • Color Choices

      Colors have an impact over mind and eyes. It has different psychological effects on different people and genders. Some colors are vibrant and show your excitement levels while others are sober that define the simplicity of your business. Some combinations may attract eyes of young generations while other may work for the working class. Study well about the color and combinations before picking yours.

    • Imitate but in Limits

      Most of the times logos are imitated and made inspired from others. We all have our own liking and design heroes which we love so much that we start trying to copy them and imitate their design as well style. No matter how classy or appealing they look to your eyes, copying them still is like finding a lazy and quick solution to your creation.

    • Ask for Opinions

      What so ever you have designed, ask for opinions from family, peers, client, friends or any one? Don’t let them dictate what you should improve, instead ask what they think about it and will they remember it in future. The logos turn out to be iconic and memorable after their launch, they are not built that way. Remember!

    • Decide the Font

      Written statements in logos make an impact and also a remembrance. When we encounter something written on a logo, we try to relate it with the entire logo and that’s why most of the times they are embedded in to the minds and memory. Similarly, try to use a few words and make them very clear and concise. Don’t clutter up multiple fonts and colors. Make it a rule to use one or two fonts at once.

    • Match with the Brand

      Fonts, Picsart, Smart arts, colors come in different shades, sizes and varieties. To create a timeless logo brings something that is out of the box. That can resonate differently, and stands for your brand. The qualities of the brand should and must be aligned with all these characteristics and that’s what it means to be!

  • Exclusion Space

    Exclusion space is the space that is an area surrounding your logo where no other text or colors can be put up. It saves the integrity of the logo and highlights it even in the sea of images. Decide yours first.

  • Use Negative Space

    Using the space between texts is considered to be a smart work of its own. The famous logo of FEDex makes use of the space between alphabets e and x that depicts a forward moving arrow. It might not strike your eye at first place but once recognized it leaves along lasting impression on the viewers. There are several other iconic symbols that made use of negative space wisely and boosted their brand with the significant message.

So, these are a very few things that you must know before starting to design your logo and make it an impactful one. After all it will speak about your brand and make it popular among the masses.

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