Consider a scenario where you are scouting for a new supplier in a product segment that is new to you.

How will you go about finding the supplier? You may go to Google and search for companies supplying the product. Google shows up a list of companies. Now, you have many websites to dig.

Are you going to spend time reading through all the sites, one at a time?

Well, most of us don’t do that anymore.

Typical user behavior is to glance at many websites and quickly shortlist the best ones. In such a short time, we generally shortlist the ones that look more professional and trustworthy.

Logo and brand appearance are the two things that make them look professional and instill that trust in you.

A logo forms the base of your branding. A good logo design lays down a solid foundation for your brand to grow.

Always remember that your logo is the first identity of your business. It is the first thing that people see when they look at your company.

There are two approaches available to design a logo for your business. Either use a professional logo maker or an online logo maker.

When to use a professional logo designer?

1. To create a unique personality of your business.

When you hire a professional logo maker, the person works on creating a unique identity for your business.

The logo designer selects the colors that go in sync with the projected personality of your business.

Let us take a moment to understand the personality of a business.

Say you are into the food business, selling fast foods. You would want your logo to look like a fast food business. However, the personality of your business could be that of a healthy and hygienic fast food business.

Here, healthy and clean food becomes the personality of your business.

Your USP becomes that of a company that stands for health and hygiene, and you do this by producing healthy and hygienic food.

To create a logo that signifies health and hygiene requires a greater understanding of colors, shapes, and fonts.

You cannot do it with an online logo maker.

An online logo maker would show you predesigned logos in the food category. A typical online logo maker would place your brand name on a burger.

There are some pre-defined colors as well as you get to select your colors. You can also go through our guide on how to choose the best color for your logo and brand.

Logos designed using online logo makers can never define the personality of your business. You must remember that your logo’s personality is the primary differentiator amongst a crowd of fast food joints.

2. Place of use

A professional logo designer will check for application of logo across all mediums like business cards, product packaging, soft sellers, and billboards.

The designer will ensure that the combination of shape, size, color, and proportion goes equally well on all the places of use.

3. Copyrights and Trademarks

Your logo has to be unique for another reason. The reason is copyrights and trademarks.

Copyright laws state that no two businesses should have a clash of identity. For this, name and logo design of each company should be distinct from each other.

While a professional logo designer can create a unique logo, online logo makers have logo templates that many companies use. There are high chances that your design is already in use.

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When to use an online logo maker?

Thousands of people create their logos using online logo makers. Let us have a look at who are the people using it.

1. For school projects

Students use online logo makers for their school projects. Such logos are easy and fun to make.

2. For small parties and birthdays

A logo in your name looks cool. People use online logo makers to create logos for their birthday and anniversary parties.

3. No Budget

Online logo makers are usually free. You can create a logo yourself, without paying anyone to do the job.


Your logo should depict the personality of your company. At the same time, it is essential for your logo to stand out distinctly in a crowd of logos. If you are doing serious business, you should consider hiring a professional logo maker, else go in for an online logo maker.

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