Businesses belonging to several different industries have been benefiting from outsourcing graphic design. Graphic forms an extremely major part of every business activity and hence, to have top quality and unique graphics at your disposal is more than necessary.

So, are you now thinking about how to outsource graphic design? What will be its pro and cons? Look no further than there as this complete guide will help you outsource the best graphic designers for your business.


How to initiate the process of outsourcing graphic design?

Make sure to prepare an outline of all the projects you have in mind before outsourcing graphic design. This will lead to making your projects go swiftly and smoothly. Get a thought of all the visual design elements you will need right now as well as the ones you will be needing in the future. Setting up a systematic workflow is essential, and getting it organised will eventually make the whole process easier.

Various things you need to include in your design brief:

✓ Description of what to include and avoid

✓ High-quality and unique images

✓ Visual references

✓ Fonts

✓ Colours (try to be precise with hex codes)

When looking for outsourcing graphic design, the design brief is highly vital for the success of your project. Since Logopie provides a user-friendly platform, it’s easier for the customer to submit the design descriptions as well as discuss the project with them. The more detailed and exact your design brief is, the more satisfied you will be with the final result.


Who should outsource graphic design?

Generally, more established companies and agencies with their own internal design team look for outsourcing graphic design. Through outsourcing graphic design, the in-house team are able to shift their focus towards bigger projects of the company. Following are the different types of companies that commonly outsource graphic design.

Ad agencies
Ad agencies are in constant requirement for Google, Instagram, and Facebook ads designed. The ad campaigning and testing might prove to be demanding for the in-house designers. Hence, the ad agencies generally take the route of outsourcing graphic design.

Marketing agencies
Marketing agencies are always in abundance of designing tasks. So these marketing agencies regularly have a need for outsourcing graphic design so as to meet their deadlines. This also helps them as they are able to get in touch with experienced and professional designers for their projects.

Web design agencies
Web design agencies and developers are very often in need of additional help in getting their designs done. So, instead of hiring new designers and expanding their team, they usually take the route of outsourcing graphic design.

Marketing teams
If you are heading a marketing team and have deadlines to meet, but your in-house designers are constantly busy with other designing tasks, so what do you do? Exactly! You outsource the best graphic designers and get your work done by them.

Established start-ups
Sometimes even the best of the established companies and start-ups outsource graphic design for their projects and deadlines. Plus, it’s a smart idea to enlist outsource graphic designers to help with the grunt work. This enables the in-house designers to put their focus on important and main tasks of the company.

What questions to ask your outsourced graphic designer?

Always make sure to jot down the main points of your projects and requirements before you are going to converse with your outsourced designer.

To make things easier for you, we have combined a list of questions to ask your outsourced graphic designer.

✓ How long have you been a professional graphic designer?

✓ How did you get into this profession?

✓ Tell us a bit about your last job and project?

✓ Can you show us the work which you are most proud of and why?

✓ How would you rate yourself as a graphic designer?

✓ What value can you add to this project?

Graphic design holds a very important place in the world of business today. No matter what business your company is into, graphics will be a requirement in your day-to-day activities. Outsource the best graphic designers for your business through Logopie today and get all of your graphic design requirements fulfilled efficiently.

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