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A team of proficient and creative logo designers, Logopie is one of the oldest logo design companies in India. Currently based in New Delhi, we have worked with over 300 clients from all over the globe. From renowned companies to small start-ups, we have worked with all!

Why Work With Logopie?

Logos designed exclusively for you
 100% custom designs. No templates
Unlimited modifications till satisfaction.
Designed over 2000 Logos till date
Diverse portfolio from varied industries
 Work with clients all over India and Globe
 100% satisfaction guaranteed
 E-mail, Phone & Whatsapp support
 Average completion time – 5 to 10 days
Get Print ready files + files for website & social media
Own full copyrights of your logo design

Logo Design Process Explained Using a Real Work Example

Logo Name

The client hired logo design company Logopie to create logo design for their authentic Indian Restaurant  “MODAK”. The client was a devotees of Lord Ganesha and were happy to represent their belief any form.


The Brief

The brief clearly included representation of Ganesha. The logo needed to be very simple and minimalist following the design trends in America. At the same time it should closely link itself to the Indian culture.


The Concept

Since the name clearly relates to Lord Ganesha’s favorite sweet which at the same time represents cooking – we were sure to include modak for the restaurant’s identity.

Round 1 – Logo Design Samples

Round 1 – Design Feedback

Round 1 – Selected Logo Designs

Round 2 Brief

Out of the initial samples shared with the client, he selected 2 that he liked. The next round briefing included creating a logo draft combining the 2 selected concepts.

Round 2 Logo Design Concepts

Round 2 Selection

Round 3 Brief

For the next round, the client asked for font variations to the selected logo design draft.

Round 3 Logo Design Concepts

Round 3 Selection

Final Delivery

The final logo delivery included various formats and versions of the selected logo design as per the client’s request, for social media icons, company seal, etc

Logo Design FAQs

What is the price of your logo design service?

The pricing is based on the effort that goes into designing the logo design concepts. Share your logo design details to know more about associated costs and deliverables.

How long does it take to get the logo designed?

All good things take time – so, will your masterpiece. Usually, 5-10 working days are taken to design a logo from start to finish. Unless it is not an urgent requirement, we never rush on our work.

What if I do not like what you have created for me?

Logo design is an iterative process. It is not as simple as we show you a few designs and you select one from them.
As earlier mentioned, Logopie considers customer satisfaction as the ultimate goal. The logo design only gets finalized once it is approved by you. We take your feedback and then work on it while revising the logo design.

How will I pay if I’m from another city or country?

For the past decade, we have been working with clients all over the country and globe. Clients from India pay us via bank transfer, Paytm or cheque. While the clients from abroad use PayPal, Wire transfer, and even a credit card to pay us.

How do you communicate with customers who are not near your office?

We work with clients throughout India and also in many different parts of the world. Our standard mode of communication is emails and via our project control panel. Each client is given access to the control panel where they can see all of their communication; designs etc, and also leave feedback and comments for us to review. We are also available on skype and phone.

How will the copyright issue be dealt with?

Copyright protection means that the copyright holder of the work gets all exclusive rights. This means that the customer will be able to print, display and distribute the design. After the logo designing and payment part is completed, the copyright for the final agreed logo will be automatically sent to you.

Being in this profession for 10+ years now, we know what it takes to give you the best logo. A great logo will help you to increase brand consistency and awareness. Having proficient designers, Logopie is just about the best creative solution to your requirements. A creative and unique design along with customer satisfaction is all that we offer!

Best Logo Design Company In India

Our logo design company has over 15 years of experience in providing logo design services to almost all types of industries. We do an extensive market study and competition research. We identify your target audiences’ geo-cultural as well as socio-economic preferences and perceptions. Thereafter we carry out a brainstorming session and come up with a direction, based on which designers work on the designs.

Our logo design services come with a guarantee of perfection for form, style and finish. Nothing short of perfection is delivered to our customers ever.

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Looking To Outsource Graphic Design Service?

Here are some answers to your questions.



What is the cost of hiring a designer?

The cost depends on the type and duration you need the designer for. We offer designers on a weekly and monthly basis.

If it is a fixed time job, how long will your designer take to design it?

Our designer would provide you with an approximate estimate of time before starting the work.

What if I do not like what the designer creates for me?

The design is an iterative process and everyone has a different eye to rate the quality of design.

For a continued committment, it is critical we understand your requirements very well before getting into a work relationship.

For this, we have a onboarding process that helps us and the client develop a working relationship and set realistic expectations.

After this, it is very rare that you do not like anything that our designer creates. However, if that happens and you do not want to move ahead, we offer a full or partial refund based on how much work has been done.

How do I pay for the service?

Indian customers can pay via cheque or bank transfer. Customers in other countries can pay PayPal, credit card, and Wire Transfer.

How do you communicate with your customers?

We work with clients throughout the world. Our standard mode of communication is emails and via our project control panel. Each client is given access to the control panel where they can see all of their communication; designs etc, and also leave feedback and comments for us to review. We are also available on zoom, skype and phone.

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