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Key Points To Research Before Starting A Logo Design

Understanding The Emotional Connect of Retro Logos

Why Professional Logo Design Is Important For Your Business

Five Most Common Logo Copyright Issues Faced by Businesses

Beautiful Assortment of Golden Logos You’ll Love

Assortment Of Professional Consulting Logo Designs

Eight Things To Know Before You Start a Logo Design

Understanding the Concept of Visual Weight in Logo Design

Seven Tips For a Unique Business Logo Design

Top 10 Fonts used in famous logos

Important points to remember while designing your company logo

Perceptions happen on first impressions. A good first impression can go a long way in making your brand while a poor first impression may cause irreparable harm to your brand. Every company strives hard to make a good impression of their business. Being polite with customers, providing excellent service and durable product quality, all contribute to building a stronger brand. Digital channels such as Youtube, television media, facebook, and other social media channels are the primary sources of branding in today’s world. Creating a good quality video means sending the message to possibly millions of people via media like Youtube and Facebook. While the message gets conveyed effectively, branding still rests on how attractive your brand identity is. Right messaging makes the brand connect while a great identity brings in brand recognition. Your logo is the first and the most prominent symbol responsible for brand recognition. That is why your logo design is so important and an indispensable part of your brand. A nicely designed logo leads to a positive recognition while a poorly designed logo may convey a negative image. It is therefore recommended to give utmost importance to your logo design while carrying out your branding initiatives. Let […]

A note on plagiarism and logo design

Wordmark Logos – Guide for Start-ups and New Business

Wordmark Logos – Guide for Start-ups and New Business Wordmark logos are text-only logos, without a symbol. So, Nike is not a wordmark logo whereas Coca-Cola is a wordmark. Most first-time business owners believe that their logo has to be a symbol. It is because “anyone can create a text logo” and they want their logo to stand apart. So, a real estate business mostly intends to include a home in their logo. This makes the logo look generic and fails to solve the purpose of standing out. A high percentage of our clients want their business type to identify with their logo. A shoe manufacturer wants to include a symbol of a shoe, and a car dealer wants to incorporate a car in their logo. The idea is to let the client know about your business by just having a look at your logo. Though this can be effectively conveyed using a tagline, some people are not satisfied with the argument. Wordmark logos are not for such business owners. Who should go with a wordmark logo? The answer depends on your goal. If you want to be identified as a real estate (or any other industry) company, you would […]

10 mind blowing Illustrative Logos

Ten mind-blowing Illustrative Logos Illustrative logo designs bring a distinctive charm to a brand. The designer gets to experiment with creativity and come up with designs bearing a unique character. Illustrative logos require creative freedom as well as artistic precision. The beauty of illustrations is that they uniquely stand out amongst a crowd of brands. Here are some illustrative logos created by our designers that will blow your mind away. BLUE CROWN FOODS Peacock’s head represents the crown, but the color highlight comes from its feathers. The colors used are not that of a real peacock’s but are unique colors of this brand. What do you have to say about this design? DUNAMIS Dunamis is a sportswear brand, and they wanted an illustrated logo for their polo t-shirts. The designer has created an illustrative logo in brush stroke style, merging it with cursive text. Together, it forms s polo rider on a horse saddle. SUPERLATIVE THEORY The superlative theory is another apparel brand that wanted a graphic logo. The illustration shows a returning lion embodying the elements of a gentle beast. SURI SAAB Suri Saab is a great takeaway kitchen in south Delhi. The illustration is that of the family […]

logo redesign tips

Six Essential Logo Redesign Tips

We keep writing about logo design from time to time. The reason is that a logo is such an essential part of your overall brand image and people connect with your company via your logo. It is vital that you keep an open eye on the creative trends and keep your brand image intact with changing times. Whenever you do a logo redesign activity, it is essential to get it right in every possible way. Here are a few essential tips to help you channelize your logo redesign efforts in the right direction. 1. Retain best parts Is there something about your current logo that people love? Alternatively, it could be something that stands out and gives the logo its uniqueness and form. Identify one such element and retain it in your new logo. It will ensure brand loyalty from your existing audience. 2.Search for ideas Is your brand old or new? If it is an old brand, you must look at some crucial milestones in the history of your brand and make them a part of your new logo. The redesign then gets marked with some substance and gives a platform to create stories about your brand. If your […]

Interesting Facts behind 5 famous logos

Every iconic logo has some history and greatness that makes the brand what it is. Legendary symbols leave a strong impression on our minds and are ingrained in memory forever. Let us look at the five most legendary logos of all times and what made them pass the test of time and emerge true winners. Apple Apple’s first logo was way different from what we see today. It had Issac Newton sitting under an apple tree with the apple hanging from it and about to drop. This logo had a significant meaning but was too detailed with many small elements. Soon, Apple simplified its logo to just an Apple. The simplified version of their logo got immense recognition, and they have brought any significant changes to it since then. The only changes have been with regards to the colors. The first version had rainbow colors, then changed to a translucent one, again turned to monochrome, then to aqua and finally to a Chrome version as it is today. The chrome color logo denotes highest levels of sleekness and sophistication found in their products. The simple logo remains in everyone’s memory and has become a symbol of quality, innovation, and design […]

How to create a moodboard for your brand

A mood board is a collage of pictures, text, colors, and shapes. Yes, it is the same thing you’ve already created in your school days. The only difference between a mood board and a usual collage is the balance or visual harmony in pictures, text, colors, and shapes. Why do you need a mood board? Mood board serve many purposes. You can use mood board for home decoration, wedding decoration or designing a website. But here I will specifically talk about mood boards from the perspective of creating a brand inspiration. However, a mood board does more than that. Here are a few areas where a mood board would help your brand. For inspiration Mood boards inspire your company vision and mission. You can select pictures and colors that go well with your company’s vision and mission. You would like the images to communicate emotions that would strike the right chord with all the stakeholders. Focus With a mood board, your focus remains intact. You are only concerned with your image and communication with your audience. Your decisions regarding your image and messaging are not affected by what others say or what your competition is doing. Consistency A mood board […]

10 Abstract logos reflecting creativity and uniqueness

Logos can be designed in many possible ways. Creative designers try to do something different each time they create a new logo. Logos are primarily of two types, text-based logos, and abstract logos. Text-based logos are the ones that have only text and nothing else. SONY, IBM, and MARVEL are examples of text-based logos. On the other hand, abstract logos are those represented by a symbol. It could just be a symbol, a symbol with text or a symbol within the text. While text-based logos clearly announce your brand name, abstract logos are easy to recognize and create a stronger impression in the memory. If you are not sure which type of logo design is good for your business, it is a wise thing to ask your graphic designer. Here are a few abstract logos designed by us at logopie. Note how the symbols within or accompanying the text bring a stronger recognition to the brand. Logo design for Amcet Group of companies Abstract logo design for Anthill Architects Creative, abstract logo design for Blue Crown Foods Abstract logo design for Bodycare World Creative, distinct and abstract logo for Buffalo Furnishers Simple abstract logo design for Cellcom Symbolic yet abstract […]

10 Unique hand-drawn and illustrative logos

Logo design has been into existence since primitive times. One can find logos and symbols of various civilizations, all unique in their way. Archeologists decipher these symbols, and we get to learn more about the history of the evolution of humanity. If we look at logos and symbols designed a few decades ago, we will see that no computers were used to create them. In fact, there were no computers back then. Many of these logos continue to be popular even today. These hand-drawn logos have their unique charm and stand out distinctly from the clutter of software-based logos. To create hand-drawn logos, you need logo designers with outstanding illustration skills. Not all designers possess great illustration skills. You may have to do some good searching if you want a hand-drawn logo for your business. Hand-drawn logos take more time and effort to create and therefore could be on the expensive side. Here are some cool hand-drawn and illustrative logos designed by our skilled graphic designers for today’s businesses. Each logo stands out and has a story to tell. Logo design for Bikamp Adventures Illustrative logo design for Bohemiana furniture Simple hand-drawn logo design for Bombsheel Clothing Line drawing logo […]

Top 10 iconic logo designs of all times

1. Starbucks Starbucks logo was first introduced in 1971 and has changed many times since then. In the latest modification, they have even removed the name from the logo, but its popularity has only gone up. Image source: Wikicommons 2. Mcdonalds The simplicity and grandeur of Mcdonalds logo are such that you will seldom find a person who does not recognize it. Its golden arches have been retained from its initial version and give uncomparable power to this global brand. Image source: Wikicommons Apple You can hate it, or you can like it, but you cannot ignore it. Apple is one large brand that perhaps towers above every other brand. Thanks to its simple and recognizable logo that stands for innovation and design. Image source: Wikicommons FedEx A simple logo that went on to become an iconic symbol and a household name. The arrow created by negative space between E and X is one of the most subtle symbols you will ever find in a logo. Perhaps this is the reason behind the iconic status of FedEx logo. Image source: Wikicommons Levis Levis batwing logo has excellent recognition. They use this logo along with its older logo of two horses. […]

9 Logo design mistakes every start-up should avoid

Logo Design Steps for Food App – Modak

LOGO DESIGN PROCESS FOR A FOOD APP – Modak This blog lists down logo design progression of a US-based food delivery app. The process has been covered right from first level design concepts to the final brand identity selection. The client came to Logopie with his requirement of giving an identity to his dream venture. LOGO NAME The client decided to name his dream venture – An Authentic Indian food app as “MODAK”. The client is a devotee of Lord Ganesha and was happy to represent his belief in any form. THE BRIEF The brief clearly stated “representation of Ganesha”. The logo needed to be very simple and minimalist following the design trends in America. At the same time, it should closely link itself to Indian culture. THE CONCEPT Since the name clearly relates to Lord Ganesha’s favorite sweet which at the same time represents cooking – we were sure to include modak for the restaurant’s identity. Once we had the brief and other requirements gathered, the Logo Design process at Logopie started with a brainstorm session. Here a team of designers discussed various possibilities and directions for the Logo Design project. The best / majority voted concepts were then […]

Why are professional logo makers better than online logo makers?

Consider a scenario where you are scouting for a new supplier in a product segment that is new to you. How will you go about finding the supplier? You may go to Google and search for companies supplying the product. Google shows up a list of companies. Now, you have many websites to dig. Are you going to spend time reading through all the sites, one at a time? Well, most of us don’t do that anymore. Typical user behavior is to glance at many websites and quickly shortlist the best ones. In such a short time, we generally shortlist the ones that look more professional and trustworthy. Logo and brand appearance are the two things that make them look professional and instill that trust in you. A logo forms the base of your branding. A good logo design lays down a solid foundation for your brand to grow. Always remember that your logo is the first identity of your business. It is the first thing that people see when they look at your company. There are two approaches available to design a logo for your business. Either use a professional logo maker or an online logo maker. When to […]

BrandDesign - LogoDesign

What is the difference between brand and Logo

Whenever we get a new request for logo design, we request the client to provide his business information and design preferences. Our logo design questionnaire has some thought-provoking questions like what kind of emotions your logo should ignite? We ask a few simple questions like “at what places you want to use your logo?” One very important question is “Which popular logos do you like and why”? The typical answers we get for the last question are Nike and Apple. Nike, because it is popular and is instantly recognized. Apple as it is simple and very clearly stands out. We start the logo design process, create the first two logo design concepts and show it to the client. A typical response is: “Looking at your concepts, it is not very clear that this is an e-commerce business logo.” So should we create a basket or a cart so that the logo shouts on top of its voice “We do e-commerce”? What if Apple had created a computer as a logo when it first started making computers? How many computer companies have computers as their logos? Some clients complain their logo does not connect the way Apple logo connects, and they […]

Ten steps to create a perfect corporate identity

At some point in its journey, a business realizes the importance of a complete corporate identity. Severe marketplace conditions and globalization make it all the more necessary for a business to stand out and connect well with its customers. Despite such a pressing need, business owners often overlook the fine nuances of corporate identity design. Yes, it is not the designer but the business owner whose vision goes into creating a corporate identity. The artist just gives a shape to the entrepreneur’s vision. Let’s have a look at the ten steps an entrepreneur needs to follow a great corporate identity. Know what differentiates your business from others. Differentiating your business is the first step towards a great corporate identity. There are many businesses similar to yours, but all of them do not run in the same manner as yours. You need to identify what is that differentiates your business from others. If there’s nothing, then you need to create a differentiator now. Without a differentiator, your corporate identity won’t deliver the effect it is intended to. Differentiators could be best customer service, delightful customer experience; always on-time deliveries and so on. Identify your core audience. Once you have spelled out […]

Secrets to make an Impact with Logo

Logos are the face of the company; they are something that instantly relates to your brand. A reminder of your name, brand, company, recognition or many times the first thing that a customer remembers. To the general public, they are crafting that they associate with you. They are apparently and definitely so much into our lives that their demand is at the peak at this time. Top class logo designing is something all strive for. For instance, we will easily recognize the logos, iconic ones, of Coca-Cola, Mercedes, FIFA, Audi and Penguin Books. The basic idea behind these logos could have been to embed the brand in people’s mind. Pictures are worth a thousand words and that’s why logos concept comes in to play. There are a few things that should be kept in mind while designing a logo for you. It’s easy to design one, but to stand out of the crowd and make an impact is surely not. Here are a few secret tips to design a killer and impactful logo. Be simple The key to a killer design is to the be as simple as you can. It is appreciated and well accepted by customers as well. […]

How to choose the best color for your logo and brand

Summary: Colors are probably the most impressive quality of any logo that defines user’s attention and affection towards your brand. People feel bored in the absence of colors. So beware as a perception of color on emotions is far-reaching than we have imagined. It helps in increasing the effectiveness of the logo and embeds it on people’s mind. Did you know that colors and visuals impact the behavior of shoppers and customers? Yes, it affects, as high as 93% of the customers. The human mind, as we know is highly stimulus to colors and combinations. Color conveys many things, it brings multiple layers of meanings on conscious and subconscious human mind. Branding with the means of a logo and associated colors is a perfect way to nail an impression that will last longer than you think. There are 3 basic questions that you should ask yourself first: What is your brand’s personality? What color will choose your service? What your competitors have chosen for themselves? Since colors are not bounded and tied up to any particular stream, field, or industry and that’s why they are being used to define personality and lay an impression on the customer the first time […]

Logo Inspiration and Evolution – In nature, history and today

Shapes in Nature and around us The meaning of logo is a symbol for instant recognition. Shapes, sizes, and colors of things (both living -and non-living) contribute to their recognition. Let us take a small example of a very common object, say table. A table could be circular, square, rectangular or even with an irregular shape. But there is something unique about a table that you can easily distinguish it from a bed (even a small bed). Then, a table itself can have many variations like a dining table has longer legs than a center table. A side table is much smaller in size. We are accustomed to a symbolic recognition of shapes and sizes ever since we were a child. Trees have a certain shape. Not that all trees are of the same shape but there are similarities enough to make you recognize a tree as a tree and not as a building or a car. Even if you see a computer icon with shape of a tree, you would recognize it. If we talk of movable living things, we see that different species have different shapes for them to be recognized instantly. The cat family is different from […]

Emergence of Hidden Personality Traits in the Fonts

Every individual has a distinctive personality, making them diverse from others. The traits are basically highlighted because of the habits inculcated and preferences in terms of specific things. Besides all this, the handwriting also happens to explain a lot about the character of a human being. With changing times, handwriting has been overruled by typing fonts as people spend most of the time on laptops and smartphones. This has sowed the seeds of various studies, which happen to showcase the effect of font selection on the personality. It is the matter of analysis that brings such traits to the limelight. Every font speaks of varied personality matters that brings to light the traits a person might have. Generally, the fonts are identified with their style and shape. They are categorized in the form of certain adjectives, which makes it possible to be identified similar to that of personality traits. Ideally, associated with developing the first impression on the viewer, these fonts are falling into the typographical category with the overall appearance. The perfect amalgamation of appearance and typographical features happens to explain about specified personality traits. This makes the necessity to study the fonts efficiently. Fonts and the personality traits […]

Essential Logo Redesign Tips for Small Businesses

ESSENTIAL LOGO REDESIGN TIPS FOR SMALL BUSINESSES Logo Redesigning is more difficult than Logo Designing. While Logo Designing is all about constructing a brand’s image and foster familiarity, Logo Redesigning is an ‘overhaul’ without violating the originality of a brand. A logo is a distinctive identity of a brand. Its popularity kisses the sky when used for a prolonged business period. Customers develop such a close connection with the popular logos that it becomes difficult for them to get accustomed to sudden modifications. If changed drastically, a company may face a hard time to create the similar aura of success. Therefore, redesigning is not aimed at killing the authenticity and depth of a logo, but integrating novel features, or tweaking the existing ones so as to stay glued with its true spirit and values. Logo Redesigning is a risky business because a company battles serious apprehensions about losing or alienating the customers who may leave unimpressed with the revamp. A flawed logo cannot escape the eyes of the customers and therefore, there is no way a company can prevent criticism raised over a substandard badge of identity. Even the most powerful and tech-savvy firms failed to hit the mark with […]

Designing a logo for your business – Know What it Takes

A logo is a designer cover of a company’s storybook, which can attract or distract the readers. It should be timeless, appealing, brand-centric and customer-focussed. It is a small, decorated piece which encapsulates all the essential information about a brand, say its name, values, and mission. A successful logo is the one which tells about the company and its services in a precise and crisp way. As a company grows and expands its feet, a logo must be revamped and reconstituted to incorporate the new services and suit the diverse global environments. If a logo is created for a renowned company, it should give a lucid picture of the latter’s brilliant success journey. We live in a world which is filled with examples of successful and dynamic logos. These have left a major impact and are expected to bring in similar benefits for many more years to come. The question that calls for an intense brainstorm is what makes them the best out of the rest. Here, are some salient features of a good, dynamic logo design. Focus on Colour Schemes Logo colors must be decided as per the nature of the brand and the budgetary measures. A colorful logo […]

What Makes Ashoka Chakra a Great Symbol

packaging logo design for KPR gold

How Long Does it Take to Complete a Logo Design

I have managed lots of logo design projects in last 10 years and one single question that all my clients have asked is how long will it take to finish their logo design. Though you will find a completion timeline in all our logo design packages on logopie, all those who have been involved with us know that these timelines are the most ideal and early finish dates we set for ourselves. The urgency to get a logo designed comes for two reasons. First, you have been thinking about getting a logo designed and never found the time to do so and now it has become a hard pressing need. The second reason is a tight deadline due to some product or company launch. However, a logo design project is something very different and needs to be handled with a different approach. A lot of it depends on how clear you are about your choice of logo and whether you have justifiable reasons to back your own choice. I am saying this because most logo design clients never know what they are looking for. They sometimes want it 3d and when they learn of some printing issues, they drop the […]

5 Qualities of a Great Logo Design

Greatness in a logo design is a very subtle and important factor in logo design. Most logos are designed with an aim to attain greatness marked by the market leadership of the brand associated with it. However, very few logos reach this stage as the logo design process in an agency environment is too client focussed. Wrong or right, client is always right. So, here it is for those who want to create a great logo; 5 qualities you shouldn’t be missing when getting your logo designed. Simple Great logo designs are most often the most simple ones. Think of a big brand logo and chances are you will remember a text only logo which is very simple. Simplicity is a big contributor to creating a great logo. Most companies initially go in for very stylish logos, trying to incorporate every aspect of their business into it. But after using it for some time, they realise the value of a simple logo and eventually go for it. Memorable Another important quality of a great logo design is that should be memorable. And if you can connect it to the first point, you will see that simple at times is memorable […]

Do the Colours Of Your Logo Really Affect Your Brand?

Do the Colours Of Your Logo Really Affect Your Brand? Logo designing sometimes becomes a big fuss, especially when it comes to colours. Everyone gets picky and have their own choices. And these choices are not baseless as there are tons of reasons for which colours to chose. Whenever we design a logo for a business, our clients either want to have some specific colors or want us to decide what colors to have. Either way, we go, we have to go through multiple rounds of reviews as a green color can have more than 1000 shades of green or maybe 100,000? And then we come down to color combinations. Can a green go with a red or a yellow? No, then maybe purple? My last three sentences are literally picked up from logo design review emails we get from our clients. So we spend quite a lot of time deciding the logo colors and then rejecting our own decisions. And why not? The logo is going to reflect our brand image. And that is 100 percent true. But let’s clear some confusion here. What exactly reflects the brand image – logo or its colors? Am I trying to say […]

How To Use Your logo For Maximum Visibility and Brand Image

Use the logo at all possible places to create a strong brand image. Possibilities of logo usage are endless and one can really get creative at it. However, when engrossed in the day to day business tasks, this often gets ignored. Your logo can make your brand visible and boost your business. Just follow these simple guidelines. Use Logos on Business Stationery Use your logo prominently on all your business stationery. This should include business cards, letterheads, envelopes, folders etc. There should be well laid down brand guidlines for logo usage on various media. Product Design and Packaging Effective use of the logo on your product design and packaging leave an important mark on your company’s image. Packaging should be professionally designed by professional designers. Do not cut corners here. Good product packaging is absolutely essential. Shoddy product packaging often results in poor customer impression and perception. You may then have to resort to promotional schemes and discounts. You can avoid all this and save lots of time and money by engaging someone to design professional packaging for your products. Some people move ahead with an assumption that they have a killer product which would sell on its merits and […]

Logo Copyrights and Free Logo Design

Logo Copyrights and Free Logo Design Your Logo represents your business and someone else’s does theirs. But when two logos look similar, it dilutes your identity and attracts legal issues. People generally don’t think about this and blindly go after free logo design. Ask a 5th grader and he will tell you that making your logo in MS Paint is better than making it via some free online logo design tool. These free logo tools may only be good for getting an idea or playing around with ideas. But If you are serious about your business, you would never ever think of anything like FREE LOGO DESIGN. Since most new businesses are tight on cash, they want to go for free logo design and get something that is not usable for their business. Those who understand well in time are lucky than those use such logos for their companies invite trouble for themselves. Even if you are lucky and don’t face any copyright issues, you will eventually discover the mistake you’ve made by going with an unoriginal design. It will affect your future branding efforts and may end up projecting your business in a poor light. Logo copyright issues can […]

7 Logo Design Mistakes To Avoid

Everyone wants a great logo for their business and so they go to professional logo designers. It is good to get your logo designed by a professional logo designer but making the following mistakes could spoil the whole show. Providing incomplete information about your business This is one of the most common mistakes that could spoil your logo design efforts. Your business is unique and so should be your logo. But this will happen only when you provide complete information to your logo designer about your business. More than what your business sells, the logo designer should be informed about who your target customers are, what age group they fall in, what are the pain points your product or service caters to etc. Providing all this information will help the designer in coming up with something that would encompass all these aspects and therefore appeal to your target audience. Asking the logo designer to imitate a big brand logo You want your logo to look everything but a cheap imitation of some big brand logo. Such logos look unoriginal and harm your business more than they help. They may also attract legal problems if the imitated brand takes them seriously, […]

Gudelines To Help You Design The Right Logo

While designing a logo for your company or brand, there is often a dilemma about how the right logo should look. Most people try to imitate logos of known brands or doing a mix and match of two or more brand logos ending up in poor lookalike versions. These logos are prone to copyright issues and also showcase the brand in a poor light. Keeping the following things in mind would ease out your logo design journey and make it fruitful. 1. Typeface or Fonts Typeface or fonts are a significant factor that defines how your logo would eventually look. Fonts can make your logo look aged, modern, ethnic, kiddie, etc. Fonts are of four major categories. Serif fonts Serif fonts are old style fonts that you would see in old literature books. These fonts are identified by small outshoots at corners in each alphabet. Using these fonts make the logo a bit dated. So if you want to design a logo for a local church, using Serif fonts may be a good idea. Sans serif fonts Sans serif fonts are often square or geometric and look more modern than serif fonts. A significant difference is due to the serif […]

Logo Design for Education Services Company

Here is the big picture behind our recently completed project ‘Global Edukonnect’. Our client ‘Campus2corporate Pte Ltd’ was looking for a creative logo design company when they found us. They wanted us to assist in logo design for their education services company ‘Global Edukonnect’. The color preferences were Azure, Light Green, White. They wanted to project themselves as ‘global’ and required a symbol that connects with ‘education’. They also shared their views of using globe and book in the logo through a logo design questionnaire provided by us for detailed requirement gathering. We were informed about their competitors so that we can stay ahead of the pack. So, our logo designers saw the project through and made following two initial concepts: We were always in touch with our client and kept asking for their feedback. In this feedback, the client appreciated first concept’s ‘O’ part. The second one was rated highly for having sober and decent background with a commendable concept of ‘G’ (Globe with leaves). They suggested including ‘G’ (globe and book symbol) from the first logo, a leaf and two books in the upcoming creations. According to them, the logo was lacking the ‘X-factor’. We needed to think […]

10 Amazing Logo designs for Start Ups

Ten Amazing Logo designs for Start-Ups It is very important to choose a proper business logo design for start-up business. A wordmark logo is the best option for startups. It incorporates your company’s brand name in a uniquely styled text. There are no big images and special fonts are used to give a distinctive look. Following are some amazing logos designed by logopie for start-ups. TELESAT SYSTEMS TeleSat Systemsis a startup by Sivakumar Umaiyan which deals with Telecommunication System Engineering, Fiber Optical Communication, Microwave communication. He wanted an professional logo design text logo but with a communication device like Microwave Tower, Antenna, Fiber integrated with the text itself. We designed a logo with the complete name of the company as it is very important for startups to keep their logo simple and identifiable. PAINT N BLUEZ EVENTS Paint’n Bluez Events is an Event management company started by Archit Awasthi that primarily deals with Weddings, Fashion shows, Conferences and Live shows. He wanted a professional logo design which fits the company’s name as well as company’s Line of Business. We came up with a creative logo using a peacock symbolizing royalty and the colors depicting LOB. The letter “B” in the […]

History Behind Big Brands Logo Design Reformations: Article 1

Logo Design

Logo Design: A conversion of thoughts

Logo Design is becoming a good business opportunity for IT companies. Every business wants a logo design which is attractive and appealing to its customers. Here comes the role of a logo design company. A logo is a word which derives interest of every age group. When a person starts understanding the meaning of a logo he is more attracted towards how to create a logo design by himself. How to design a logo is a question arises in the mind of a person who wants to be a logo designer. A simple process to be followed for logo design: Collecting your thoughts Generating Ideas Getting into a creative groove Associating words with images. Most of the aspiring logo designers see the computer as the only necessary tool to create a logo. On contrary, by removing the computer from the process they will get much more freedom in translating their thoughts. However not every person has a creative groove, this is where logo design companies have an edge because they have expert logo designers who are able to convert their thoughts into logo design. A logo appears to be simple sometimes but a lot of behind the scene efforts are […]


Top 13 Most Drastic Big Brand Logo Design Changes

Top 13 Most Drastic Big Brand Logo Design Changes Most logo design changes by big brands are delicate. Some, however, are so drastic that the new design look like they have been created for completely different companies.   Logo recognition is clearly not everyone’s top priority. It’s a leap of faith to conduct a major logo design modernization, but many big brands are still willing to take the risk, evolving to the point that their new logos look original.   Some of the most drastically changed logo design in brand history are: 1. Apple: Apple’s original logo design, co-designed by Steve Jobs, depicted Sir Isaac Newton seconds away from revelation. It was complex to the point of being hard to look at, hence a quick switch (in 1976) to the beloved rainbow apple and the evolution of today’s sleek logo design. 2. IBM: When it came to logo design, the latter half of the 20th century marked a time of slimming down and simplification. IBM’s logo evolution reflects this trend — its current logo design dates back to 1972. 3. PepsiCo: Pepsi represents the path that many brands have taken — phasing out lettering entirely until all that remains in […]


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