Everyone wants a great logo for their business and so they go to professional logo designers. It is good to get your logo designed by a professional logo designer but making the following mistakes could spoil the whole show.

    1. Providing incomplete information about your business

      This is one of the most common mistakes that could spoil your logo design efforts.

      Your business is unique and so should be your logo. But this will happen only when you provide complete information to your logo designer about your business.

      More than what your business sells, the logo designer should be informed about who your target customers are, what age group they fall in, what are the pain points your product or service caters to etc.

      Providing all this information will help the designer in coming up with something that would encompass all these aspects and therefore appeal to your target audience.

    2. Asking the logo designer to imitate a big brand logo

      You want your logo to look everything but a cheap imitation of some big brand logo.

      Such logos look unoriginal and harm your business more than they help. They may also attract legal problems if the imitated brand takes them seriously, and they actually do.

      While you may want the designer to use a brand logo as an inspiration, make sure what you get is an original in itself.

    3. Giving unrelated and diverse references to your designer

      While it is important to give creative references to your designer, giving diverse references will only confuse the designer and you may end up getting a heterogeneous mix that is good for nothing.

      For example, if you are are giving examples of illustrative logos, do not mix it up with a few wordmark logos that you like too. Providing a clear direction always brings better results.

    4. Giving random colour choices

      Not all colors combinations look good together. While it is always an advantage to leave the color choices to the designer, there is no harm in suggesting a couple of colors. And since not everyone has the eye to identify that color balance, trust your designer for the final choice of colors.

    1. Changing the business name and tagline mid way

      Some people go in for logo design activity even without finalizing their company name. This is a blunder and could invite a complete rework with a change of name.

      Logos are often designed with a combination of typeface and shapes, where shapes support the typefaces. If the length or shape of character change, the supporting shape will not look balanced with the new text and logo will look out of place.

    2. Many people providing feedbacks

      Everyone has different choices. Logo design is an interactive process where the initial concepts get refined through a series of iterations.

      If there are too many people interacting with and giving feedback to the designer, it often becomes a never-ending process causing frustration at the end.

      There should be one person (business owners or marketing managers in most cases) to review the designs and provide feedback at each stage of logo design process.

  1. Demanding instant results

    Most businesses come for professional logo design help when there feel some pressing need. Pushing designers to deliver highly creative stuff day after day is something which is practically not possible.

    It is not just about photoshopped text and images but a business impression that you are want to create. Give them the time they ask for and you will get the results you want.

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