Here is the big picture behind our recently completed project ‘Global Edukonnect’.

Our client ‘Campus2corporate Pte Ltd’ was looking for a creative logo design company when they found us.

They wanted us to assist in logo design for their education services company ‘Global Edukonnect’. The color preferences were Azure, Light Green, White.

They wanted to project themselves as ‘global’ and required a symbol that connects with ‘education’. They also shared their views of using globe and book in the logo through a logo design questionnaire provided by us for detailed requirement gathering.

We were informed about their competitors so that we can stay ahead of the pack. So, our logo designers saw the project through and made following two initial concepts:



We were always in touch with our client and kept asking for their feedback.

In this feedback, the client appreciated first concept’s ‘O’ part. The second one was rated highly for having sober and decent background with a commendable concept of ‘G’ (Globe with leaves).

They suggested including ‘G’ (globe and book symbol) from the first logo, a leaf and two books in the upcoming creations. According to them, the logo was lacking the ‘X-factor’.

We needed to think outside the box again to bring that ‘X-factor’. Following are the concepts provided by us in the next iteration:





We kept our eye on the ball to fulfill the exact requirements which got fulfilled by ‘one’ of our creations. They required various colour variations in the selected creation shown as follows:





We finally got a thumbs up from our client as they chose the following logo to be their final logo.


Words from the client:

“I would like to thank your team for the great design and concept your team has come up with. We liked it a lot”

The logo is being used for building an impactful image in their customers’ mind through their facebook page, T-Shirts, business cards, letterheads etc.

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