Logo Copyrights and Free Logo Design

Your Logo represents your business and someone else’s does theirs. But when two logos look similar, it dilutes your identity and attracts legal issues. People generally don’t think about this and blindly go after free logo design.

Ask a 5th grader and he will tell you that making your logo in MS Paint is better than making it via some free online logo design tool.

These free logo tools may only be good for getting an idea or playing around with ideas. But If you are serious about your business, you would never ever think of anything like FREE LOGO DESIGN.

Since most new businesses are tight on cash, they want to go for free logo design and get something that is not usable for their business. Those who understand well in time are lucky than those use such logos for their companies invite trouble for themselves.

Even if you are lucky and don’t face any copyright issues, you will eventually discover the mistake you’ve made by going with an unoriginal design. It will affect your future branding efforts and may end up projecting your business in a poor light.

Logo copyright issues can also happen with custom designed logos, especially if you are trying to mimic the logo design of a well know brand.

Custom logo design services should be used for creating unique identities. Your uniqueness is what will make you stand apart.

None of the big brands we know today looked like anyone when they first began their journey. Perhaps it is this uniqueness that has contributed in making them what they are today.

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