Every iconic logo has some history and greatness that makes the brand what it is. Legendary symbols leave a strong impression on our minds and are ingrained in memory forever. Let us look at the five most legendary logos of all times and what made them pass the test of time and emerge true winners.


Apple’s first logo was way different from what we see today. It had Issac Newton sitting under an apple tree with the apple hanging from it and about to drop.

This logo had a significant meaning but was too detailed with many small elements.

Soon, Apple simplified its logo to just an Apple.

The simplified version of their logo got immense recognition, and they have brought any significant changes to it since then.

apple logo designs

The only changes have been with regards to the colors. The first version had rainbow colors, then changed to a translucent one, again turned to monochrome, then to aqua and finally to a Chrome version as it is today.

The chrome color logo denotes highest levels of sleekness and sophistication found in their products.

The simple logo remains in everyone’s memory and has become a symbol of quality, innovation, and design of electronic gadgets.


google logo design

Google always had a simple logo and remains so even today. Its logo depicts the simplicity Google brings in all its products. Be it search, Gmail or any other Google product, simplicity has always been the hallmark.

Google’s logo always used a standard font in the simplest possible way. The only changes it made was two times during 2009 when it brought some color and shade changes, and in 2014 it introduced some letter spacing.

A new Google logo launched in 2015 with a modern looking font and brighter colors. The same logo stays even today.

Beyond this, Google uses different versions of its logo from time to time. It does so to respect some important dates and people.

In this way, Google is perhaps the first company ever to play so innovatively with their logo. It also reflects the culture of innovation that helps them continuously improve and bring new innovative products that change the world around them.


fedex logo design

FedEx started as a wordmark logo but has undergone many changes since its first version. The latest version of the logo as we see it today has been in existence since 1994.

For those who have looked carefully at it, FedEx logo has a white arrow at the join of E and X. This subtle symbol makes its unique and brings a subtle charm to a simple wordmark logo. The arrow in the logo also symbolizes movement and precision that directly relates to the company’s business.

They use the same logo design for their different brands by just changing the color of Ex in FedEx.

Generally, larger corporations create different brands for specific verticals, but FedEx logo proves that this is possible just by changing the font color.


mercedes logo design

In different parts of the world, people buy cars for utility, passion, and status. Every car company wants to an image of being on leading edge of design and technology.

Almost every car company has made changes to their logo once every few years.

However, one brand that has stayed original for more than a century is the logo of Mercedes Benz. The star logo was introduced in 1909 and has remained the same for over 100 years.

This logo is often used as a symbol and without any letters or words with it.

The power of this brand is so reliable that almost everyone knows and remembers it forever.

The three prongs of the star depict land, water, and air. The company creates automobile products for all three segments.

Those who have seen the full logo with text would agree that the font is a sleek one and depicts luxury. It is what the company has always aimed for and has been able to create this impression in the minds of its customers successfully.


nike logo design

The iconic swoosh recognizes Nike logo.

Earlier Nike used to have text with the swoosh, but now that is no more there. The logo has such a strong recognition that writing is not required anymore.

But the logo is not just guesswork but a well-thought design. Nike means the goddess of victory in Greek culture and the swoosh depicts the wing of the goddess.

The swoosh also resembles a check mark that means right choice. The curves in swoosh stand for speed that is supreme for a sports brand.

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