Perceptions happen on first impressions. A good first impression can go a long way in making your brand while a poor first impression may cause irreparable harm to your brand.

Every company strives hard to make a good impression of their business. Being polite with customers, providing excellent service and durable product quality, all contribute to building a stronger brand.

Digital channels such as Youtube, television media, facebook, and other social media channels are the primary sources of branding in today’s world.

Creating a good quality video means sending the message to possibly millions of people via media like Youtube and Facebook.

While the message gets conveyed effectively, branding still rests on how attractive your brand identity is.

Right messaging makes the brand connect while a great identity brings in brand recognition.

Your logo is the first and the most prominent symbol responsible for brand recognition.

That is why your logo design is so important and an indispensable part of your brand.

A nicely designed logo leads to a positive recognition while a poorly designed logo may convey a negative image.

It is therefore recommended to give utmost importance to your logo design while carrying out your branding initiatives.

Let us see how to do it!

Show the real self

Every business is different from other. Your acceptance depends on how well projected your image is. Do not try to be everything, instead focus on one thing that you do the best.

Know your target audience

It may sound very repetitive but the more it is said, the better it is. Your target audience may be anyone and everyone, but you still need to decide on who your most preferred audience is. All your messaging should happen as if it were being done just for them.

Do not overdo

There is a high tendency amongst business owners to make their logos in a way that it is useful for any business. It often leads to a disaster. Trying to use too many styles or too many colors can destroy the uniqueness of a logo.

Clarity is foremost

The logo should be clear, readable and understandable. Anything complex can be challenging to remember and hence not a proper recognition symbol.

Flexibility in logo design

The logo design should be flexible enough to use parts of the logo independently, wherever required. For example, the icon could be used separately from the text and yet give the resemblance of being the same logo.


Being in trend is fine, but you should also remember that your logo is not something to be used today and changed tomorrow. You need a design that can stand the test of time and carry on for long with no or slight modifications.

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