Every organization wants to be on social media but very few are able to effectively utilize their social media presence. This is because they have engaged good social media designers who design attractive graphics and post it on social media platforms.

Without the help of such designers, it is very difficult to survive on social media.

How do you identify a good worthy social media designer?

A good social media designer should be self-motivated and possess great design as well as marketing skills. The designers should be highly organized and should have the ability to work independently without much hand-holding.

A typical work routine of a social media designer includes:

  • Observing the market and creating new content (graphics/videos).
  • Posting the content on social media platforms and monitoring engagement.
  • Come up with new ideas to create unique content that appeals to the audience.
  • A social media designer should make sure the brand guidelines are well adhered to while making new content.
  • She should constantly strive to create content that gets higher level of engagement from users.

What are the qualities of a good social media designer?

  • Should be well versed with English language and necessary image and video editors.
  • Should have good communication skills.
  • Should be creative with sound graphic design principles.
  • Should have adequate knowledge of marketing vis a vis graphic design.
  • Should be self-motivated.
  • Should possess good observation skills and be able to come up with new ideas based on her observations.


Ineffective and inconsistent efforts on your social media channels can lower your reputation and prove disastrous in the long term.

If you or someone you know is looking to hire a social media designer, please let us know and one of our representatives will be in touch with you shortly.

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