Starting a new business comes with a big to do list. There is so much to do and most entrepreneurs fall short of time and money. However, once you have a product or service that solves a problem, you need to create a brand. Your logo is your first contact with the customer. Since most startups work on tight budgets, here are a few tips to design their own logo.

Research your competition

Logo design has to start by researching your competitions brand styling. Since your product is offering a new choice to customers, your customers need a reason to do that. The promise of a better product or service has to be accompanied by a professional brand connect. This brand connect or logo should be unique, easily identifiable and should look more attractive than your competition’s logos.

Reasearch Trends

Once you research your competition and their logos, the next step is to check newer logo design trends in the market. Almost all companies, old or new, work on keeping a fresh and attractive brand identity. Older brands keep making subtle changes to their logo designs by incorporating ongoing design trends. It helps them compete with newer brands and help project themselves as a brand that keeps pace with time.

Identify Your brand colours

Brand colours are very important as they help you distinguish from the crowd and allow you to convey certain emotions with your brand. Know more about how to select the best colours for your logo

Online tools for designing

Once you have decided on the colours, you need to get down to designing the logo. There are software tools like Photoshop and Illustrator as well as there are many online tools such as Canva that help you create a logo of your choice. One important thing to keep in mind is that since these online tools use ready made templates as their base, your logo design will not be unique and you may be at the risk of imitating someone else’s brand or failing to pass the trademark process.

Take your own decisions

Once the logo is designed, do not keep showing it to people unless you like to to an extent.

Seek Opinion

You must seek opinions of your colleagues and well wishers. However, make sure to take your own unbiased decisions.Do not get confused or distracted by a lot of opinions. You know your business better than others and you are the one who should decide.

Keep the focus on the message

Whatever the colours or styling of your logo might be, make sure the logo conveys the message it is intended to. Do not try to convey too many things with your logo. Keep it focused on the most important aspect of your message. For example you may want to convey the message of honesty, your logo should look mature and honest.

Seek Professional Help

There are times when you may not be convinced with your own logo. Or you may get a negative or lukewarm feedback from people who matter. Do not push your creation just because you think you have created it. There is no harm in accepting the fact that there are people who may know the craft better than yourself. Logopie provides professional logo design service to organizations of all type and size. You may want to check out our portfolio of works. You can always reach us by filing up our short online form.

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