Summary: Colors are probably the most impressive quality of any logo that defines user’s attention and affection towards your brand.

People feel bored in the absence of colors. So beware as a perception of color on emotions is far-reaching than we have imagined. It helps in increasing the effectiveness of the logo and embeds it on people’s mind.

Did you know that colors and visuals impact the behavior of shoppers and customers? Yes, it affects, as high as 93% of the customers. The human mind, as we know is highly stimulus to colors and combinations.

Color conveys many things, it brings multiple layers of meanings on conscious and subconscious human mind. Branding with the means of a logo and associated colors is a perfect way to nail an impression that will last longer than you think.

There are 3 basic questions that you should ask yourself first:

  1. What is your brand’s personality?
  2. What color will choose your service?
  3. What your competitors have chosen for themselves?

Since colors are not bounded and tied up to any particular stream, field, or industry and that’s why they are being used to define personality and lay an impression on the customer the first time they see it. How to choose the right color for your branding is a difficult process and needs a basic understanding of colors and their perception.

What do different colors say?
Every color speaks for itself and human eyes and mind have an implication towards them. Read on this to know what tone and shade will be yours:

  • Red

    From power to violence, Aggression to passion, this color stands for anger and love, both. Moreover, it increases the appetite of the onlookers.

  • Orange

    A color that is often seen as a symbol of health, excitement, fire, warmth and energy.

  • Yellow

    The most misunderstood color requiring a cautious use as it implies warning, warmth, cowardice feelings.

  • Green

    Often associated with greenery and nature. It symbolizes soothing, greed and affluence sometimes.

  • Blue

    The most common used color for logo designing, which stands for peace, loyalty, cleanliness, trust and all the good emotions.

  • Purple

    They royal color for magic, supernatural power, creativity and similar emotions.

  • Pink

    Simply a color for feminism, love, flowers, tranquillity and all the sweet feelings, sometimes small kids.

  • Black and White

    Simple, Classy, Old-fashioned, vintage etc.

Single or Mingle: The Puzzle of Color choice

Usually, it is advised to use a single color for your logo and keep it simple, however, we have iconic logos that made use of multiple colors and are a big hit.

Remember Apple old logo, Windows, eBay and Google they are multicolored and well perceived. The multicolor pattern symbolizes that your brand offers a wide range of products and services. So, think before you choose. Your color choice should not look cluttered.

Universal Law of Colors

Unfortunately, there is no such law! Different parts of world imitate different colors in different ways! Different cultures and geographical locations consider colors in varied ways.

Citing the example of white which is for purity and peace in the US and for death and mourning in Asian parts. Red, which is for good luck in China and anger in India. Select wisely, think globally to give the precise impression on your target market and audience.

Check Mate!

Does the color of your competitor make a difference? Yes, it does. The color of competitors is a big and valuable point to be considered. Say, you are the first in the line then you are going to set a trend.

If you are second then make sure you look unique and something new that differentiates you from the senior ones. Choose exactly opposite, contrast or something out of the world. Your strength does not lie in following the crowd, but in standing out of the crowd. Separate yourself!

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