I have managed lots of logo design projects in last 10 years and one single question that all my clients have asked is how long will it take to finish their logo design.

Though you will find a completion timeline in all our logo design packages on logopie, all those who have been involved with us know that these timelines are the most ideal and early finish dates we set for ourselves.

The urgency to get a logo designed comes for two reasons.

First, you have been thinking about getting a logo designed and never found the time to do so and now it has become a hard pressing need.

The second reason is a tight deadline due to some product or company launch.

However, a logo design project is something very different and needs to be handled with a different approach.

A lot of it depends on how clear you are about your choice of logo and whether you have justifiable reasons to back your own choice. I am saying this because most logo design clients never know what they are looking for.

They sometimes want it 3d and when they learn of some printing issues, they drop the idea midway.

They sometimes want their logo to be absolutely unique and later they want it to be better than the logo of some well-known brand.

We go through a selection of fonts, shapes, colors, often repeating many things over and over again.

For those who know what they want, this becomes a process of short-listing what best matches their criteria.

And for those who are not clear with what they want, the process adds on more confusion.

Needless to say, the former ones get their logo design projects delivered well on time, within budget and without undergoing rounds of confusion.

It is important to always plan your logo design requirements well before you approach a logo design company.

You should be clear about whether you want to use the designers for their creativity in coming up with unique concepts that you would choose from OR you want to use them to create a finished logo design from a concept you have in mind.

If you try to follow a middle path, you are inviting unprecedented delays along with a tremendous loss of time and energy.

Do your homework well before you hire a logo designer and answer all of their questions with full dedication, the same way you would look into some major financial aspect of your business.

Your logo is and will be the sign or impression your customers will remember you as. Do not compromise on it. Give it the best you can.

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