Business cards continue to hold their importance despite being in the digital age.

Not have a business card at the right time could result in lost opportunities.

There are different types of business cards. There are cards you can create and order online. Such cards often have a template feel along with graphics that look very common.

With many people ordering cards online, the quality of cards has gone down.

One can make use of this opportunity by creating a custom designed and high-quality card that reflects a premium business.

The recipient of such a card would immediately feel the difference and create a high impression of your business.

Here are a few things to consider while creating a custom-designed business card.

1. Stick to the core design principles

It might look like an ordinary piece of printed paper, but a good business card needs to follow some basic design principles.

Spacing: An equal spacing is a key to symmetry and balance of the business card.

Keep the spacing consistent across the borders and within the elements.

Proportion: The size of the logo to text is also an equally important factor that lends a delicate balance to your business card.

Colors: Use only CMYK colors as is done with all printing materials.

2. Get the right size

Business cards are available in a variety of sizes. However, two dimensions are quite standard and have easy availability.

While choosing the size of your business card, keep in mind things like how you would carry them.

If you’d carry them in your wallet, get a size that fits well with your wallet.

Size of a business card also depends on the size of information that goes on it.

If you have a short address and want to use just one phone number, you may go in for a sleeker version.

If you need to show a more prominent logo, do not go with a small size business card.

3. Paper and printing

There are many types of paper available for printing business cards.

Select a paper that goes well with the design of your card.

If you have a simple logo design and less text, you can go in for a textured card. A textured card would elegantly make for the lack of design.

Textured cards give a premium appearance with screen printing.

Use plain and smooth paper for cards with heavy graphics. It is a good idea to get such cards laminated. It adds to the thickness of the card and also makes it durable.

4. Use custom shapes

Since most cards are usual rectangular pieces of paper, you can be different by using a custom shape.

Giving a custom shape is only limited by your creativity, and you can also hire a designer to create one for you.

Here are a few examples of cards with custom shapes.

Image source: Flickr

Image source: Flickr

Remember, your business card is the first impression of your business. You cant afford to go wrong here.

A great looking business card has the potential to open up doors of opportunities.

If you are not confident of doing it by yourself, you can always hire a graphic designer to design your business cards.

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