Apple Inc

Apple Inc . is one of the famous organization in designing and developing computer softwares, gadgets, personal computer. Its best known products are iMac line of computers, the iPod music player, the iPhone Smartphone and iPad computer tablet. Its software includes OS X and iOS operating systems, the iTune media browsers, the Safari web browser and the iLife and iWork creativity and production suites.

When we talk about the Apple name, according to Steve Jobs one day he was coming from an apple farm he saw apples and thought this name would be funny, spirited and not intimidating.

Apple’s first logo design was designed by Ron Wayne, depicting Sir Isaac Newton sitting under the apple tree. It was then replaced by Rob Janoff’s Rainbow Apple logo design with one bite taken from it.

The reason behind this colored logo design was that Jobs wanted to acculturate his company and a bite was to distinguish it with a cherry. The different colors in the logo design were to make it accessible and to represent that Apple could create graphics in color.

In 1998 Apple discontinued the Rainbow Apple logo design and opted for Translucent version and then again changed it to monochromatic version which was nearly identical to previous rainbow incarnation and translucent version. The Aqua theme of monochromatic version was used from 2001-2007 and the Glass theme logo design from 2007 till present.



Pepsi was introduced by Caleb Bradham as Brad’s drink in 1893.From 1893 to 1940’s Pepsi logo design closely resembled with that of Coca-Cola’s swirly red script. This may not have been an over attempt to copy Coca-Cola’s already successful branding.

In 1950’s Pepsi’s bottle crown changed its color to red, white and blue to support America’s war effect and the logo lost some of its curlicues.

In 1962 another big change was made. The new logo design featured an image of a serrated bottle cap, which accompanied the brand’s “Pepsi Generation” campaign. In 1973 the more minimalist logo design we are familiar with today was implemented.

In 1991 the word “Pepsi” italicized in the logo, paying homage to the original script text. In 2003 a more refresh looking, three-dimensional logo design was implemented which was used till 2008.

Today, the logo design combines the patriotic palette of the 40’s and the minimalist approach of 60’s & 70’s and the script like curves of the brand’s original logo design.



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