It is a fact that business cannot run without a website. This pattern has only increased with the evolution of smartphones and internet becoming more accessible to the common man. But just having a website is not enough. Unless the result produced is constructive and effective, there is really no use of having a website.

A web design company has to be equipped with technology and human excellence to craft perfect sites. Since the websites have emerged as one of the most important marketing tools, their significance cannot be overlooked.

Here are the 5 direct reasons that tell you your website needs a redesign.

1. Mobile Friendliness or Responsive

The website should be fully operational and functional on the mobile phones. Mobile phone usage is much more than desktops and that is what makes this the most important aspect of a website. If your website does not fit well on the mobile screen, it immediately needs a redesign.

2. Low Traffic or Engagement

If for some reason the website is unable to generate a good amount of traffic, chances are it needs a redesign. A good way to find this out is to install Google Analytics on your website. Google Analytics tell intricate details about the user flow on your website. By observing these details, you will know whether there is a glitch in your website flow. In addition to the flow, it is also the design that is responsible for conversions not happening.

3. Social Media Integration

Social media is a place that nurtures your website visitors into customers. Is your website connected to all your social media channels? And does your social media likes get displayed on your website? Website to social media has to be a two-way connectivity. It becomes meaningful when people from social media come to your website and from your website go to your social media pages. If you witnessed such digital transactions on your website or social media, it is good, otherwise, your website needs a redesign. Same can be said for your social media channels. a good web design company would always take care of putting these small components in the right places on a website.

4. User Experience

Talking about the small elements of the website, there are many important ones that lead your visitors to become customers. Things like the right use of colors, call to action statements, placement and colors of website forms, all collectively constitute a great user experience. Your website is as good as the experience a user gets on it. Make sure to find a website design company that knows all this and has experience in working with such small details.

5. Search engine Optimization

Last and perhaps the most important part that is usually not demanded out of a website design company is the Search Engine Optimisation. Yes, there are service providers to deal with it exclusively, however, a website design company cannot overlook the Search Engine Optimisation aspect of any website. Poorly designed and organized websites might never be able to rank higher in search engines. Not even if you put an army of resources to do the internet marketing.

So a good website needs to satisfy all of the above criteria. If it does not, you know that your website demands a redesign.

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