Till 20 years back, you could afford to be a business that would run sufficiently on local signboards, or some press ads. Media and advertising were terms related only to big business.

However, it is no more the case. Today, even a small business has to care about how it is seen by its customers. With internet and so many social media platforms accessible to everyone, your local competition can easily outshine you and take your customers away.

If you have already felt the heat or want to act before your competition does, all you need to do is hire a graphic designer.

If you think you have enough design capabilities or your business does not need any design support, you need to read through the five reasons why your business needs a graphic designer.

1. You are too focused on selling

Sales is every business’ bread and butter and it is obvious for a business owner to have selling as his first priority. Still, some businesses sell better than others even while selling the same products. Reason is your customer perceives your competition better than you. However strongly you are inclined to get a better projection for your business, the truth is that you do not have the time and skill required to create that projection. This is where a graphic designer can help you with. A graphic designer will constantly monitor the competition and latest trends and come up with ideas to how your projection can be kept ahead of your competition.

2. You do not have the needed sales support documents

As a seller, you need customized sales support documents like business presentations, product demos and proposal documents. Professionally designed marketing material is vital to closing some of the toughest sales deals. For B2B businesses, it opens up a bag of opportunities by providing entry to markets you have not been able to penetrate before.

3. Your competitor’s visual appeal is better than yours

In such a situation, your customers perceive your competitor’s to be a premium product/service than yours. A graphic designer can study the projection of your competitor(s) and come up with better visual appeal for your brand. This may involve making changes to your brand identity, product design, advertising design and other such material based on which your customer creates a mental image of your brand.

4. You need better social media presence

Since everyone is on social media, you can just not ignore it anymore. You may not realize but your customers make decisions on what they see or do not see on social media. Not being on social media is not an option and being inconsistent and giving it a step treatment is even more disastrous. Even today, many businesses do not realize how important a positive social media image is. And secondly, you cannot do it yourself as you do not have enough skills to operate graphic design software, and not even the time required to do some pre-design research of trends etc. Hiring a graphic designer can help you create a serious social media presence that would deliver rich long term results. A graphic designer will design social media banners, posts and small videos for your new product launches, explaining features and benefits of your service/products from different viewpoints, greet and wish your prospects and customers and send them regular e-mailers. A graphic designer can also update your website from time to time to give it to a fresh look.

5. You need to up your content marketing efforts

Your customers are all over the internet on social media websites like Facebook & Instagram, watching videos on Youtube, reading news and blogs, use messaging apps like Whatsapp, the list is endless. For those who have not yet heard of it, “content marketing” is a bucket list of all the different places you need to be seen by your customers. And while you want to be seen by them, you also want to give a positive impression about your products/services and your brand. Content marketing involves creating lots of visual and readable content. This content then needs to be shared to all the possible locations your customers visit on internet. A graphic designer can help you create new visually pleasing content and also professionally curate and edit user generated content related to your business. The result is an enhanced connect with your target audience, eventually bringing in more business.

Logopie has trained and experienced graphic designers who have worked on such assignments and brought positive results for our customers. If you’re interested to know more about what our designers can do for your business, get it touch with us and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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