In today’s digital era, graphic designing is an extremely important part. From promotional videos to advertisement pamphlets, graphic designing is involved in all of it. No matter what nature of business you own, you will need a graphic designer in your team. A professional graphic designer gets plenty of opportunities to flex their creative mind.

Being in this highly creative field, it is extremely important to know the essential tips to be a top graphic designer. At the same time, it is also very important to know what mistakes you have to avoid that might hinder your quality. We have come up with a list of the most common graphic design mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Usage of several fonts

The initial mistake that stands out while comparing the work of a proficient and amateur is the number of fonts used by them. When too many fonts are involved, it causes a distraction, and the message of the graphic gets ignored or goes unnoticed. As fun as it may sound to play with different types of fonts, experts recommend picking just two or a maximum of three fonts for a design piece. As per the experts, the lesser the fonts, the better it is to read and focus on a message from the graphic. Using a single font is said to be impactful as it establishes continuity as well as brand identity.

2. Selecting the wrong colour

Similar to the previous point, choosing too many or choosing the wrong colour could end up making the design ineffective. The usage of too many bold colours can turn out to be distracting as well. According to top proficient designers, when a company is getting a new brand or artwork created, it is important to start by creating a colour palette. Each colour palette should consist of both primary as well as secondary colours.

3. Not using a versatile design

The best kind of graphics is said to be those that are evergreen and multi-purpose. If one is creating a logo, think about their look on promotional products or on official letterhead. Think about how will the logo look in the same colour or in different colours. Think about the graphic from various different perceptions. Try your best to be as versatile with the graphic as you can. This will contribute to establishing the brand consistency and awareness. One will save their time and money from having to work on redesigning later down the road.

4. Using stock images

Stock images can only be considered to be a helpful solution when one is working for a project requiring specific images. The project might end up looking unprofessional or cheap if it consists of too many stock images. Many stock photos become overused and hence, end up making the project a dead giveaway. Companies pay for uniqueness and that is why this mistake is very important to avoid. Using fresh and good quality images is recommended otherwise one might end up losing the clients. It’s not wrong to use them, but it’s best to go easy on them.

5. Designing for yourself

Finally, it’s very important to remember that you’re designing the project for a client. It’s incredibly essential to always listen to the client’s instruction and stick to them. Do not make changes just because you think they look better. Discuss your ideas or inputs with the clients before even thinking about making changes. Whether you are creating a logo design, a brochure design or a website design, the customer pays for it. Hence, the designer’s job is to help the client in achieving their vision.

Everyone makes mistakes. Working on those mistakes and getting better is what makes a man a great professional. Not understanding the instructions, not doing the research and making false promises are a few more common mistakes. Avoiding mistakes, being truthful and simple would be the least one could do to become a better designer.

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