Logo Redesigning is more difficult than Logo Designing. While Logo Designing is all about constructing a brand’s image and foster familiarity, Logo Redesigning is an ‘overhaul’ without violating the originality of a brand.

A logo is a distinctive identity of a brand. Its popularity kisses the sky when used for a prolonged business period. Customers develop such a close connection with the popular logos that it becomes difficult for them to get accustomed to sudden modifications.

If changed drastically, a company may face a hard time to create the similar aura of success.

Therefore, redesigning is not aimed at killing the authenticity and depth of a logo, but integrating novel features, or tweaking the existing ones so as to stay glued with its true spirit and values.

Logo Redesigning is a risky business because a company battles serious apprehensions about losing or alienating the customers who may leave unimpressed with the revamp.

A flawed logo cannot escape the eyes of the customers and therefore, there is no way a company can prevent criticism raised over a substandard badge of identity.

Even the most powerful and tech-savvy firms failed to hit the mark with their reinvented logo designs. The reason is simple – they don’t follow the rule book. However, no amount of damage can steal the shine off a well-established company.

They are the champs of their field with good resources to popularize their strengths and mask the blunders.

It’s smaller companies which take the beating. An ineffective logo triggers a ruthless tirade which stops only after leaving forever dents on the company’s image.

If you are running a small company and want to avert any sort of logo disaster, fret not.

Through this article, we will tell you how to reinvent your logo without drawing a howl of protest. Browse ahead to know the essential rules of Logo Redesigning.

  1. Get The Purpose Clear and Straight
    Logo Redesigning is done for a myriad of reasons. Some companies attempt it by repositioning the brand to attract a wider market, while some choose it when crucial ownership changes happen.Redesigning is also sought when a company diversifies or plans to revive the core values. There should be a relevant reason for the ‘change’, especially when you are doing great with the old logo in the existing state of affairs.

    Defining a reason would help in restructuring a worthy logo while incorporating the company’s objectives and founding principles in one.

    Being a fledgling company, there is a host of issues to be taken care of. Under such circumstances when a small entity is already reeling from the pressures, unnecessary intervention can cost you big. Thus, Logo Redesigning needs a clear purpose to show what’s intended.

  2. Know What’s Absent
    Before taking the plunge, know what is missing from the present logo, which is not leaving the desired impression. Once you identify the pitfalls, you are ready to work on the defects and create something of huge public appetite.
  3. Define The Brand
    The centerpiece of a logo design is the message. When reconstituting a logo, an organization should pay special attention to what it is trying to define the brand.The motto should be highlighting the cultural, social and ethical beliefs of a company in order to attract a larger piece of the global market pie. Give a definition to the brand by answering the questions like what is the nature of the business and whom it serves.
  4. Be Customer-Friendly
    A company is likely to reap a bad harvest if it neglects the customer preferences while performing actions. Make sure to take the customer needs into consideration while remodeling a logo design.After all, a logo is considered successful when it consumes the attention of the customers. Know what customers feel about your current badge and what improvements they are expecting in the future.
  5. Innovation is Must
    Innovation is a critical element of Re-branding. A redesigned logo must be interesting and innovative with its originality intact.This is important so that audience can easily establish the link between the new and the old logo. A right blend of creative features can be magical for the company.

    If done appropriately, it can take an inexperienced company to the status of a recognized leader of the respective industry.

  6. Ensure Accessibility
    A Redesigned Logo needs effective exposure on all media routes. This is highly advantageous to harness the familiarity of the brand in the international community.A company’s newly-developed logo must surface everywhere if a company wish to target a niche audience or seeking to expand the customer base.

    Reproduce it in order to ensure that the new badge helps to retain the ground, building close associations and combating the might of the opponents.

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