Every individual has a distinctive personality, making them diverse from others. The traits are basically highlighted because of the habits inculcated and preferences in terms of specific things.

Besides all this, the handwriting also happens to explain a lot about the character of a human being. With changing times, handwriting has been overruled by typing fonts as people spend most of the time on laptops and smartphones.

This has sowed the seeds of various studies, which happen to showcase the effect of font selection on the personality. It is the matter of analysis that brings such traits to the limelight.

Every font speaks of varied personality matters that brings to light the traits a person might have.

Generally, the fonts are identified with their style and shape. They are categorized in the form of certain adjectives, which makes it possible to be identified similar to that of personality traits. Ideally, associated with developing the first impression on the viewer, these fonts are falling into the typographical category with the overall appearance.

The perfect amalgamation of appearance and typographical features happens to explain about specified personality traits. This makes the necessity to study the fonts efficiently.

Fonts and the personality traits describing them:

    1. All-purpose fonts:

      Calibri, Century Gothic, Corbel, and Candara are considered optimal for efficient use in every way or for every process.

    2. Stable:

      TNR, Arial, and Cambria are specific fonts that happen to be associated with personality traits called stable nature.

    3. Flexible:

      Adjustable by nature is the trait, which is exceptionally represented by fonts like Kirsten, Gizi, and rage Italic.

    4. Practical:

      Personality traits are exhibited in every font, which is descriptive as formal and mature. TNR, Courier New, Monotype Corsiva and Georgia are the ones that showcase such features.

    5. Rude/ Rebel:

      Impact, Rockwell Xbold, and rage Italic are some of the fonts that also explain about certain negative traits in them.

    6. Dull/ Unattractive:

      Consolas, Verdana, and Rockwell Xbold are the fonts falling in this category, which means that persons preferring these fonts have likewise character traits.

    7. Masculine:

      Impact and Courier New are the fonts that exhibit masculine traits for the users preferring them over other fonts.

    8. Feminine:

      Kirsten, Gizi and Monotype Corsiva are the fonts that happen to call for personality traits stating feminine nature.

    9. Casual/ Youthful:

      Fonts like Comic Sans and Gizi fall into this category, which makes it possible for the users to have similar traits in their personality.

Fonts have distinctive characters, which makes it possible for the experts to identify them with personality traits as per the preferences of the users and needs. This creates a level of connectivity with the users and allows for better processing. Being a psychological aspect associated with the fonts they are categorized differently.

So, the people using various fonts for diverse purposes happen to have a distinctive character that defines them. After all, it is all about the aspects associated with fonts and the promising traits.

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