It is very important to have a good logo designer to create your brand identity. However, doing that may not be just enough.

Thoughts related to your brand identity are there in your own mind and you need to nurture those thoughts well before you start getting a logo designed. It means that you need to do quite a bit of research on your own or with a design consultant to help you bring clarity to your thoughts and put them on paper.

For your ease, we have put down a eight important points that form the basis of you brand identity or logo design.

1. Exact words & tagline:

You should know the exact word(s) to describe your logo text. If your company name is long with more than 2 words, it is important to tell the designer about whether you want use the word in as a pair or combination of more than two words. Sometimes, when the business name is long, companies use an abbreviated name in the logo. Whatever way you want it should be clearly communicated to the design team.

2. Logo format:

By logo format you need to be clear about whether you intend to use just the symbol, just the text or text with a symbol or symbol within the text. Convey your preference to the designer along with some reference styles if possible.

3. Differentiation:

All new businesses are supposedly started with an aim to fulfil a need that is yet to be addressed by other businesses. Make sure this differentiator is adequately noted in your logo design,

4. Research competitors and market leaders:

Try finding weaknesses and strengths of your business leaders. Chances are they have already tried what you want . This way you don’t over-promise your customers.

5. Describe Logo usage:

We know that all logos need to be put on social media, the company stationery, brochures and so on. However, few logos are used in more ways than that. An example is an automobile company logo that is put on vehicles. Such logos need to be designed in a way keeping in mind its colour neutrality, print-ability on some media and sometimes even the cost.

6. Target Audience:

One very important factor for selecting the Logo design style is the audience it is targeted to. Kids logos have bright colours and funny fonts and corporate logos have deep solid colours.
Similarly, logos targeted to women consumers have a feminine touch and those for B2B business should be serious looking no nonsense stuff.

7. Colours and Fonts:

Some people have a individual colour and font preferences while others have a reason to go with certain specific colours and fonts. If this is the case with you, do let your logo designer know about it.

8. Business projection:

Some businesses want to project themselves differently to their customers in a very specific way. Characteristics such as durability, strength, purity and elegance can be built in to your logo design. If you have any such preference, do let your logo designers know of it.

Providing right information is the key to get a good logo design. If you are unclear on any of the above points, research well to get clarity. If you are still not 100% sure, let your logo designer know and he will show multiple variations related to that very aspect. It is very difficult to change your logo design as it could mean risk of losing sales and credibility in a running business. So, make sure you equip your designer with all the information and get a great logo design in return.

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