Is going to be the year of swift e-commerce enablement.

Retail business was one of the severely affected sectors in 2021. Pandemic has changed the way business was conducted and online stores are no more a matter of choice for retailers.

Logopie helps you get online swiftly and provides sustainability to your business.

Ecommerce Website Design 



Design > Launch > Sell

Our E-commerce web design service is aimed at helping new businesses find the right e-commerce platform for their business.

We offer step by step guidance on specific requirements like product options, shipping preferences and payment options.

Our server experts recommend the best suited website hosting options based on your primary market and scale of operations.

Finally, when your site is live, we help you in bringing buyers and growing your online sales.


1. Identifying the best suited e-commerce platform

After working with numerous shopping carts, we have narrowed down our choice of platform with two most popular and mature e-commerce platforms – Shopify and Woocommerce.

Upon understanding the product type, payment processing, client’s technical expertise and a few other client specific needs, we decide on whether to go with Shopify or Woocommerce for their online stores.

2. Store Set-up & Design

Store set-up involves creating a joyful client buying experience. This is done by understanding and functional implementation of the product categories, features, options, payment and shipping policies.

With a custom storefront design, the branding and messaging are seamlessly woven into the whole buying experience.

Based on specific business type, store set-up can also include crm portal, offering discounts, lead warming mechanisms, affiliate management and customer loyalty programs etc.


3. Hosting Set-up & Test Runs

Before your store is made open for regular sales, it is set-up on a commercial grade hosting service (for Woocommerce).

Test runs are carried out to check the flow, ease of use, speed, order placement and payment transactions.

We run the site through our e-commerce website launch checklist and ensure that each checkpoint is passed before the store is made open to public.

4. Visitor Tracking & Reporting - SEO & Paid Advertising

Once launched, your store needs customers. We help you with SEO and paid Ads to bring customers to your store. This is when you face the realty of market where giant e-commerce marketplaces are doing everything to woo each and every customer.

Good news is that we have tools and processes in place to systematically make your store more attractive for your target customers. Using in-depth visitor tracking and reporting tools, we are able to monitor customer actions and make finer improvements to the customer buying experience.

In the real world, it usually takes a few months to an year to start generating some revenues via your online store.


5. Store merchandising

When your website starts getting traffic, you need to ensure proper product placement, engaging images and innovative ways to display products. If you can get the customer to add-to-cart, the battles is half won. Most e-commerce website struggle to get to this point and this is where the real cash burn takes place.

We cover all important customer touch-points such as homepage, category pages and product pages to deploy creative merchandising strategies that persuade customers to buy your products. Some usual activities undertaken are:

a. Promoting highest converting products to get maximum ROI.
b. Promoting highest rated products.
c. Promoting products that are currently in trend.
d. Product promo videos.
e. Offer relevant product recommendations via cross-selling and up-selling.

Extending store merchandising to social media

We extend your online store merchandising on all of your social media channels to spread awareness amongst your followers and keep the abreast of all that is happening on your store.


6. Lead acquisition, warming & e-mail campaigns

95% of your website visitors are not ready to buy your product in their first visit. High cost of traffic generation calls for professional lead acquisition, warming and email campaigns.

Website visitors (prospects) are lured to give their contact information in exchange for some useful or interesting stuff, provided to them on a regular basis. This happens via a series of emails going out to the prospects, subtly educating them on benefits of using your products. Eventually, some of these prospects will make a purchase and may become a regular customer.

Lead acquisition and warming and ongoing activities and lifeline of any e-commerce store.


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Looking To Outsource Graphic Design Service?

Here are some answers to your questions.


What is the cost of hiring a designer?
The cost depends on the type and duration you need the designer for. We offer designers on a weekly and monthly basis.
If it is a fixed time job, how long will your designer take to design it?
Our designer would provide you with an approximate estimate of time before starting the work.
What if I do not like what the designer creates for me?
The design is an iterative process and everyone has a different eye to rate the design quality.

For a continued commitment, it is critical we understand your requirements very well before getting into a working relationship.

For this, we have an onboarding process that helps us and the client develop a working relationship and set realistic expectations.

After this, it is rare that you do not like anything our designer creates. However, if that happens and you do not want to move ahead, we offer a full or partial refund based on how much work has been done.

How do I pay for the service?

Indian customers can pay via cheque or bank transfer. Customers in other countries can pay PayPal, credit card, and Wire Transfer.

How do you communicate with your customers?

We work with clients throughout the world. Our standard mode of communication is emails and via our project control panel. Each client is given access to the control panel where they can see all of their communication; designs etc, and also leave feedback and comments for us to review. We are also available on zoom, skype, and phone.

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