Digital marketing assets is a collective phrase used for a number things you need to own for conducting business online. Even if you don’t really sell online, but use internet in different ways to market your business, you need digital marketing assets. Loss of any of these assets can affect the smooth running of your business. So, it is important to create, protect and manage your digital marketing assets as they collectively make your online identity.

For your ease, we have created a list of most common digital marketing assets that almost every new business needs.

We recommend new businesses to create these digital assets during the initial steps of setting up their business and keep this information handy as you’ll need it quite often.

1. Domain Name

2. Website: Design, content & backup of files.

3. Logo: Design with editable vectors, files for use on web and social media.

4. Email Accounts: One for each department of your business.

5. Email signature: Common signature used by every person working in your business.

6. Sales Email Templates: Pre designed/composed set of proposals kept as PDF or email templates, ready to be sent by a single click.

7. Social media accounts with official handles
7a. Facebook
7b. Twitter
7c. Instagram
7d. LinkedIn
7e. You tube

8. Soft copy of brochures: As PDF and MS Word files

9. Business presentations: Usually Power point slides with your company and product information.

10. Newsletter Templates: Pre-formatted templates used to send common information to customers.

11. Videos: Videos about your company and products.

12. Images & Infographics: All images of your products, company premises, graphics created for use on social media etc.

13. Blogs/Articles: Digital copies of articles written by your company on your website or elsewhere.

14. Audio/Podcasts: Digital recordings of your any interactive sessions with your employees, customers or suppliers.

15. Google drive or I cloud: To store your important data in the cloud for quick recovery.

If you sell your products online on your website, you need some additional digital marketing assets like:

16. Google Analytics account: To track visitor behavior on your website

17. Google adwords account: To advertise on Google.

18. Google webmaster tools account: To submit your website to Google and work on recommendations to improve visibility.

19. Google merchant centre account: To sell via Google shopping ads.

20. Microsoft ads account: To sell via Bing / Yahoo ads.

21. Facebook business account: To control your business page on Facebook and also to advertise your business on facebook and Instagram.

22. Whatsapp business account: To be able to chat /interact directly with your customers.

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