What is the difference between brand and Logo

What is the difference between brand and Logo?

Whenever we get a new request for logo design, we request the client to provide his business information and design preferences.

Our logo design questionnaire has some thought-provoking questions like what kind of emotions your logo should ignite? We ask a few simple questions like “at what places you want to use your logo?”

One very important question is “Which popular logos do you like and why”?

The typical answers we get for the last question are Nike and Apple.

Nike, because it is popular and is instantly recognized. Apple as it is simple and very clearly stands out.

We start the logo design process, create the first two logo design concepts and show it to the client.

A typical response is: “Looking at your concepts, it is not very clear that this is an e-commerce business logo.”

So should we create a basket or a cart so that the logo shouts on top of its voice “We do e-commerce”?

What if Apple had created a computer as a logo when it first started making computers? How many computer companies have computers as their logos?

Some clients complain their logo does not connect the way Apple logo connects, and they are right!

How can a new shape or a slightly different text style connect emotionally?

Our emotions are a result of our experiences. Without past experience, there is no emotional connect.

A new logo design should look distinct and fresh. It could also look modern, energetic, calm, pure etc. Your new logo design should make an impact.

But it is not possible to incite a feeling of trust with a new logo. As an analogy, do you trust a new person you see for the first time? And if you do, what are the chances of your emotions being correct?

You got the answer!

Going back to the Apple logo, how does it connect emotionally?

When you see Apple logo, your mind recalls all the places you have seen it, various devices you have seen bearing that logo and your experience with those devices.

An emotional connect is a result of all these things combined!

What you see in your new logo is a shape and expectations from it.

What you see in Apple’s logo is an experience and emotional connection with a global brand. It is backed by years of planning and hard work by some very passionate people.

How can you expect a new logo to do just that?

Logo design process at Logopie is a wholesome process that works by reverse engineering a brand of future.

We create logos with their different applications in mind.

A logo that looks great on a business card may not look very cool on a signboard.

A logo that goes well on a website may not be an ideal choice for a laser cut paste application.

A specific logo could be used with all colors or with different background colors or on different media or could be used as monochrome.

Bottom line is that it should look good and should have a similar recognition pattern, irrespective of wherever and in whatever conditions it is used.

This is why we claim to create a brand and not just a logo.

So why did you not name yourself accordingly?

Because we feel Logopie sounds super cool!

Logopie provides professional logo design service to businesses worldwide. Choose from our Logo Design Packages for your company logo design or contact us for a custom logo design quote.

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