A good design is a classic example of high intellect and seamless architecture. It is customer-centric, gratifying and compelling in all respects.

Graphic design professionals are quick to recognize the laudable points of a good design as it takes nothing to appreciate the deserving. Isn’ it?

But, evaluating a bad design is not an easy deal. It’s not about detecting the marks of imperfection but recognizing the reason which makes it distasteful. What doesn’t charm the eyes is a ‘bad’ design. What doesn’t meet the eyes is the reasons behind such off-putting designs.

Mistakes, if rectified timely, has no serious impacts. But, when it gets too late, such mistakes can cost you the most precious thing you have ever earned – Your Business.

A bad design is inimical to your hard-earned business reputation and can damage its face for the rest of your life. It would not be wrong to say that a badly-structured design is the nemesis of a business, which ultimately leads to its downfall. And, if the sufferers try to remedy it, they would not find any medicine.

The fact is many entrepreneurs do not bother to initiate corrective measures to transform a bad design into a pleasing one. As a result, they encounter serious ramifications for such a neglect.

If someone has told you that your product is inferior in design, it’s time to spring into action, otherwise, you will feel the guilt later. Here are the five critical consequences of a bad design.

    1. Lost Credibility

      An ugly design is of great harm to your credibility. When a product lacks quality and value, it doesn’t satisfy the consumers and works against the establishment. A lost credibility is a loss for a lifetime. There is no recovery.

    2. Loss of Market Space

      A shoddy product, if not improved, can eventually eliminate you from the business landscape. When the reputation of a business is tarnished with the label of ‘poorly-designed product’, it loses the grip and falls into the pit that has no exit.

    3. No customers

      Customers are impressed only when they are confident of receiving high-quality products. They don’t hesitate in shelling out money for the goods which are expected to last longer.

      But, a bad design has opposite effects. Customers don’t prefer you because the design is an ugly site, which gives no assurance of quality and long life.

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  1. Stigma

    There is no solution for the ignominy caused by a poor design. Your competitors mock your condition, you are chucked out from the circles, the financial institutions don’t consider you reliable enough and you face shame even in your personal environment.

    This is because you never showed sincerity towards your business and didn’t meddle in the affairs when it mattered the most.

  2. Sabotaged Growth

    No customers, no market standing, no business opportunities, therefore no growth. When your company hits a new low every day due to the sloppy attitude, there is nothing left for you, just total wipeout.

And here are some principle traits of a ‘bad’ design. Read on to know more.

    • Mismatch between Function and Design

A design is considered inappropriate when the functionality succumbs to the over-hyped design. There is no use of a great looking design till it doesn’t allow the customers to use the product.

  • Lack of features

    A design is likely to attract appreciation when it has all features that cater to the needs of the people. If a design has no rich features, it is not a great draw for a business.

  • Ordinary

    Consider yourself, will you invest your wedge in something too regular? Definitely not. Then how could you expect your customers to buy that has no USP?

    Every product must be unique in some or the other way. This distinctive quality will add up to your fortunes and create a wide customer base. But sadly, a poor design is crammed with stale ideas. Thus, no interest, no sales.

  • Poor Styling

    Styling can easily wow the consumers only when it has some consistency. Inconsistent styles while manufacturing a product can be disastrous for a business. A product must be styled keeping the customer preferences and market trends in mind.

Amateur and casual offerings to the customers are the start of the finish. Before your carelessness and substandard designs take a massive toll on you and your business, get there and mend it. There will be no time in the future. All is ‘present’.

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