Nature has given us a choice of unlimited colours. We see different colours every day. There are days when we see the colours we’ve never seen before. Change in colours stimulate changes in our mood. Designers all over the world see colour as the primary way to differentiate their art. With the holiday season around the corner, we bring you our findings on what colours will rule in 2020. is an authority on colours and has mentioned these five primary colours for 2020.
1. Mellow Yellow: It is a golden shade of yellow and has an earthy tone.
2. Cantaloupe: It is an orangish pink feminine colour.
3. Cassis: It is a gender neutral shade of purple.
4. Purist Blue<>: It is a lighter shade of cobalt./b
4. Neo Mint: It is a soft pastel colour – a very light shade of mint green.
Nature-inspired colours: World is moving away manufactured to natural products. Natural shades give a feeling of warmth and connect easily with users/consumers. Natural colours also tend to blend themselves with surroundings and other colours. With so many organizations raising their concerns for the environment, natural colours will also be considered safer and naturally attractive.

Most popular tones will be greens, browns and a mix of the two. These shades will look very attractive when paired with natural textures like wood and stone.

Relaxing colours: A significant number of designers are trying to bring a change in our chaotic and busy lifestyles. For this, they are looking towards the use of relaxing colours. Once again, relaxing colours are usually non-flashy and tend to mix subtly with the environment. Relaxing colours will be used extensively in all forms of design, namely graphic design, interior design, videos and other types of design.
Shades of blue and purple: Blues and purples have been in trend all of 2019 and will continue to be same. According to, shades of blues, purples, both dark and light will be popular in almost all forms of graphic design.
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