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Logopie has compiled a list of brand design and strategy resources to help you understand the process and key points.

If you are starting a new business, this list of resources will bring a clarity to your thought process. We regularly keep adding fresh information to this section, so keep coming back!

The Role of Branding in Food Packaging Design

Best Practices For Protecting Your Company’s Branding When Outsourcing Graphic Design

Key Points To Research Before Starting A Logo Design

Understanding The Emotional Connect of Retro Logos

Essential Steps for creating a new brand

Why Professional Logo Design Is Important For Your Business

Essential Tips for an Effective Brochure

Five Most Common Logo Copyright Issues Faced by Businesses

Three Creative Cosmetic Packaging Designs Of Skincare Brands

Assortment Of Professional Consulting Logo Designs

The Importance of Branding In 2021

Six Steps To Build a Brand From Scratch

How to build a scalable brand and watch it grow

A good business comprises of some qualities that help it look more appealing than the others. Design is one such aspect that we keep talking about in most of our posts.

5 Steps for creating a new brand

Proper brand identity design comes with great surprises for you and your business. But, it is not easy to build the one for your business. Creation of a new brand will take lots of time along with tremendous efforts

How Facebook pages are helpful for small businesses?

Facebook is a world popular social media, with around 2.23 Billion active users per month. Being a big social media platform, Facebook provides various opportunities to the businesses to utilize it for their business growth.

Tips to design a great brochure for your business

A great business often has a great image. Without a great representation, a company is perceived to be mediocre. However, most companies are still stuck in the mediocrity and do not command that trust for their stakeholders. Regardless of the internal nitty-gritty of your business, it should appear to be doing well. Most companies rely on various forms of advertising and PR activities to cultivate such an image. This is a good business strategy as it keeps the customers comfortable and helps in the growth of a company’s top line. Another way of building and maintaining your company’s image is by using creative professionals. These designers revamp your company’s external image by giving a creative and professional look to your marketing collateral such as company brochures. Designing a company brochure is an interactive activity that involves its team members as well as professional designers. Like designers, the team members have an equally vital role to play. However, not everyone has a creative eye for detail. So, we have made a collection of tips to ensure the participation of your team in a creative and vital exercise like brochure design. Purpose or reason It is essential for every team member to […]

Important points to remember while designing your company logo

Perceptions happen on first impressions. A good first impression can go a long way in making your brand while a poor first impression may cause irreparable harm to your brand. Every company strives hard to make a good impression of their business. Being polite with customers, providing excellent service and durable product quality, all contribute to building a stronger brand. Digital channels such as Youtube, television media, facebook, and other social media channels are the primary sources of branding in today’s world. Creating a good quality video means sending the message to possibly millions of people via media like Youtube and Facebook. While the message gets conveyed effectively, branding still rests on how attractive your brand identity is. Right messaging makes the brand connect while a great identity brings in brand recognition. Your logo is the first and the most prominent symbol responsible for brand recognition. That is why your logo design is so important and an indispensable part of your brand. A nicely designed logo leads to a positive recognition while a poorly designed logo may convey a negative image. It is therefore recommended to give utmost importance to your logo design while carrying out your branding initiatives. Let […]

How to create a moodboard for your brand

A mood board is a collage of pictures, text, colors, and shapes. Yes, it is the same thing you’ve already created in your school days. The only difference between a mood board and a usual collage is the balance or visual harmony in pictures, text, colors, and shapes. Why do you need a mood board? Mood board serve many purposes. You can use mood board for home decoration, wedding decoration or designing a website. But here I will specifically talk about mood boards from the perspective of creating a brand inspiration. However, a mood board does more than that. Here are a few areas where a mood board would help your brand. For inspiration Mood boards inspire your company vision and mission. You can select pictures and colors that go well with your company’s vision and mission. You would like the images to communicate emotions that would strike the right chord with all the stakeholders. Focus With a mood board, your focus remains intact. You are only concerned with your image and communication with your audience. Your decisions regarding your image and messaging are not affected by what others say or what your competition is doing. Consistency A mood board […]

How to find a great brand name

So you are starting a new business that would offer a great product or service. You know your product/service is of top quality, but your customers don’t know that. In fact, they might be hearing your name for the first time. In such a condition, why would someone buy your product or service against a trusted brand they already use? How will you attract them and then how do you make sure they remember your name and come back to you again? You need a good brand name that instantly connects with your customers and projects a premium image of your products. But most people end up keeping names that are too obvious and common. It is because they do not know of a specific way to find a name. Think, were you ever taught to find or create a name? With all this in mind, we have put up a step by step process to find and select a good brand name. So, here you go! What type of name should I choose? Your brand name is the image of your business. The most important thing about choosing a brand name is that it should be in sync with […]

7 Ways to create a branding strategy for your business

lead generation vs brand

How does a brand help with lead generation

Every business needs to make new customers. Sales teams are focused on generating leads and converting them. While all sales teams have to perform these two tasks, a few teams outperform others. These sales teams belong to successful companies or should we say, companies are successful due to the sales teams. So why is it that a few sales teams outperform others? It starts with lead generation. There are multiple touch points with the prospects throughout the lead generation process. The touch points could be a result of various inbound or outbound activities with different messaging and engagement levels. However, there is always one constant that remains consistent irrespective of activity and stage of lead generation. This constant is your brand. Another constant in the lead generation process is the prospect, who is always a human – people like you and me, people with aspirations and emA brand name connects with people (including decision makers) at an emotional level. Companies that sell directly to end consumers understand the importance of brand very well whereas companies who sell to business customers sometimes tend to overlook the importance of brand. Whatever type of organization you might be and whoever your target customers […]

BrandDesign - LogoDesign

What is the difference between brand and Logo

Whenever we get a new request for logo design, we request the client to provide his business information and design preferences. Our logo design questionnaire has some thought-provoking questions like what kind of emotions your logo should ignite? We ask a few simple questions like “at what places you want to use your logo?” One very important question is “Which popular logos do you like and why”? The typical answers we get for the last question are Nike and Apple. Nike, because it is popular and is instantly recognized. Apple as it is simple and very clearly stands out. We start the logo design process, create the first two logo design concepts and show it to the client. A typical response is: “Looking at your concepts, it is not very clear that this is an e-commerce business logo.” So should we create a basket or a cart so that the logo shouts on top of its voice “We do e-commerce”? What if Apple had created a computer as a logo when it first started making computers? How many computer companies have computers as their logos? Some clients complain their logo does not connect the way Apple logo connects, and they […]

What Should Be The Brand – Company or Product?

In today’s world, almost every new product becomes a commodity tomorrow. In such a scenario, it is not the product but the brand that sells. For this very reason, any average product from a top FMCG or consumer goods company finds a place for itself in the market. On the other hand, even a great, improvised or innovative product finds it hard to be identified from the crowd. Since the brand is not established, new companies need to spend more on making the brand visible. But not every company has huge budgets and are unable to afford long-term campaigns. Therefore, new companies often use product packaging to get those eyeballs. It is no secret that attractive packaging is a big sales booster in fast moving consumer goods segment. While designing the packaging and promotional campaigns, one needs to decide what should be projected as the brand. Should it be the company or product name? New businesses often overlook this aspect and end up paying a high cost. So, let’s understand what is the right way to do it. Let us consider a common product “chocolates”. Going by the market trends, a business needs to create many varieties of chocolate, catering […]

Ten steps to create a perfect corporate identity

At some point in its journey, a business realizes the importance of a complete corporate identity. Severe marketplace conditions and globalization make it all the more necessary for a business to stand out and connect well with its customers. Despite such a pressing need, business owners often overlook the fine nuances of corporate identity design. Yes, it is not the designer but the business owner whose vision goes into creating a corporate identity. The artist just gives a shape to the entrepreneur’s vision. Let’s have a look at the ten steps an entrepreneur needs to follow a great corporate identity. Know what differentiates your business from others. Differentiating your business is the first step towards a great corporate identity. There are many businesses similar to yours, but all of them do not run in the same manner as yours. You need to identify what is that differentiates your business from others. If there’s nothing, then you need to create a differentiator now. Without a differentiator, your corporate identity won’t deliver the effect it is intended to. Differentiators could be best customer service, delightful customer experience; always on-time deliveries and so on. Identify your core audience. Once you have spelled out […]

10 ways to build a Big Brand for Small Business

Business comes in different sizes, but branding knows no difference amongst them. It is equally important for small as well as big business. There are cases when big brands try to look more like small firms and then there are small firms that are keen to imitate the branding basics of the world famous corporates. Though few small business firms know what branding means to them, many of them haven’t recognized why it is essential and how it must be practiced. Branding is a way of defining yourself and your business, team, organization to your audience. It embodies the core of business and the values of your organization and is essentially considered to be your identity. Creating value and identity benefits the business in multiple ways and helps to build a trust from known as well as unknown customers. Here are 10 simple ways for small business to create a long-lasting branding impression. Define the brand Be distinctive and differentiate yourself from others. Do your homework and research the offers and services your business offers are aligned to the need and concerns of your customer. Your brand should necessarily promote your business idea, culture, and values. Moreover, it should connect […]

Branding Basics That Easily Get Overlooked

Branding is what you are promising to your customers. Building a brand is a complex process and it gets tougher to cover up all the fundamentals of branding. Branding usually has been associated with logo designing, choosing the brand colors and services and marketing afterwards. In these perceptions, people usually forget about other elements that affect their business once they are established. Sometimes people mention Price as one of the factors that the lower price you offer the greater your brand will reach. That has never been the case. We all know about Apple, Reebok, Samsung, Mercedes and some other big brands, they don’t come at low costs yet they are being sold and purchased. It clearly indicates that once you have build customer support and loyalty in terms of their experience for your services, they will be ready to pay a hefty amount in return for perfection and trust. Setting yourself above the rest means something to them. You cannot run a long-term business if you have not served what you promised. Focusing on logos and marketing material won’t help earn a name for you. They are just the tools to embed a visual image in the customer’s mind. […]

How to choose the best color for your logo and brand

Summary: Colors are probably the most impressive quality of any logo that defines user’s attention and affection towards your brand. People feel bored in the absence of colors. So beware as a perception of color on emotions is far-reaching than we have imagined. It helps in increasing the effectiveness of the logo and embeds it on people’s mind. Did you know that colors and visuals impact the behavior of shoppers and customers? Yes, it affects, as high as 93% of the customers. The human mind, as we know is highly stimulus to colors and combinations. Color conveys many things, it brings multiple layers of meanings on conscious and subconscious human mind. Branding with the means of a logo and associated colors is a perfect way to nail an impression that will last longer than you think. There are 3 basic questions that you should ask yourself first: What is your brand’s personality? What color will choose your service? What your competitors have chosen for themselves? Since colors are not bounded and tied up to any particular stream, field, or industry and that’s why they are being used to define personality and lay an impression on the customer the first time […]

Top 10 Branding Bloopers

They say mistakes, obviously, show us what needs improving. Without mistakes, how would we know what we had to work on? But sometimes while committing blunders we often fail to recognize our very own silly doing. This dents our very own respective image that we are striving hard to establish in the market especially in the minds & the hearts of our desired audiences. And if you are starting a new venture one of the most important things you can do is make sure to get the correct branding. Sometimes a company will invest an ample amount of time and money to get a brand established — they create a name and put a tag line on it that looks promising at least on paper. They build the brand name awareness do all the possible right things to ensure it fits with their core mission & vision of their respective company. They even squabble over the colors to make sure they are right and reinforce the name and tagline. At times, they even consult numerologists to get the right name for their brands. They launch big branding announcements with extravagant advertising activities hoping to get established in the market with […]

Creating Unique Style Guide for a Brand

Style Guide holds importance for giving specified identity to the design and applying similar designing methodologies for varied purposes. Containing every piece of information needed by a company, style guide happens to include information about the website, internal memos and even advertisements that call for innovative work. Now, the scenario is such that style guides take the expensive time to be developed as they are responsible for beautifying the prospects visualized on the above-mentioned sections of designing. The best part of creating a style guide is that it can be applied to numerous patterns, based on essentialities. Let’s consider some steps in creating an innovative style sheet: Identifying Logo Size and Positioning Proper placement of logos in a document is mandatory, which necessitates for the designers to identify a set of guidelines that may state the methodical usage of logos with variations in different colors. As it is known that designers have a creative bent of mind, which makes them give varied styles to the logo. The style guide calls for stating dos and don’ts of logo designing that may help them in developing masterpieces. Picking Right Color Palette The Color scheme is imperative to every design, which requires designers […]

7 Top Secrets of Successful Brands

There are a few iconic brands, such as Apple, McDonalds, Nike and Revlon, whose names are eloquent of excellence and reliability. They started off from the scratch like many others, but positioned themselves on the crest of a wave, drubbing all the competitors. Their journey is a lesson for many. There could be many reasons that led them to this jaw-dropping success. However, there has been a common, an incremental force working behind every successful and recognizable brand. This is the force of ‘Branding’. Branding is a steamy practice these days. Given the ferocious business environment of today, this is a critical function meant for gravitating the masses and building a distinctive image. If we go by the marketing dictionary, Branding is a set of measures undertaken for the promotion of a company or a brand. Though the simplest definition is – ‘Gaining Recognition That Matters’. Branding is synonymous with business success as no brand can persevere the wrenching pressure posed by the industry if it lacks visibility and uniqueness. Whether a company is a major global player or a budding start-up, branding is a necessity which cannot be ignored or shrugged off. It has to be there in some […]

5 Secrets To Build a Successful Brand

Do the Colours Of Your Logo Really Affect Your Brand?

Do the Colours Of Your Logo Really Affect Your Brand? Logo designing sometimes becomes a big fuss, especially when it comes to colours. Everyone gets picky and have their own choices. And these choices are not baseless as there are tons of reasons for which colours to chose. Whenever we design a logo for a business, our clients either want to have some specific colors or want us to decide what colors to have. Either way, we go, we have to go through multiple rounds of reviews as a green color can have more than 1000 shades of green or maybe 100,000? And then we come down to color combinations. Can a green go with a red or a yellow? No, then maybe purple? My last three sentences are literally picked up from logo design review emails we get from our clients. So we spend quite a lot of time deciding the logo colors and then rejecting our own decisions. And why not? The logo is going to reflect our brand image. And that is 100 percent true. But let’s clear some confusion here. What exactly reflects the brand image – logo or its colors? Am I trying to say […]

How To Use Your logo For Maximum Visibility and Brand Image

Use the logo at all possible places to create a strong brand image. Possibilities of logo usage are endless and one can really get creative at it. However, when engrossed in the day to day business tasks, this often gets ignored. Your logo can make your brand visible and boost your business. Just follow these simple guidelines. Use Logos on Business Stationery Use your logo prominently on all your business stationery. This should include business cards, letterheads, envelopes, folders etc. There should be well laid down brand guidlines for logo usage on various media. Product Design and Packaging Effective use of the logo on your product design and packaging leave an important mark on your company’s image. Packaging should be professionally designed by professional designers. Do not cut corners here. Good product packaging is absolutely essential. Shoddy product packaging often results in poor customer impression and perception. You may then have to resort to promotional schemes and discounts. You can avoid all this and save lots of time and money by engaging someone to design professional packaging for your products. Some people move ahead with an assumption that they have a killer product which would sell on its merits and […]

Gudelines To Help You Design The Right Logo

While designing a logo for your company or brand, there is often a dilemma about how the right logo should look. Most people try to imitate logos of known brands or doing a mix and match of two or more brand logos ending up in poor lookalike versions. These logos are prone to copyright issues and also showcase the brand in a poor light. Keeping the following things in mind would ease out your logo design journey and make it fruitful. 1. Typeface or Fonts Typeface or fonts are a significant factor that defines how your logo would eventually look. Fonts can make your logo look aged, modern, ethnic, kiddie, etc. Fonts are of four major categories. Serif fonts Serif fonts are old style fonts that you would see in old literature books. These fonts are identified by small outshoots at corners in each alphabet. Using these fonts make the logo a bit dated. So if you want to design a logo for a local church, using Serif fonts may be a good idea. Sans serif fonts Sans serif fonts are often square or geometric and look more modern than serif fonts. A significant difference is due to the serif […]

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