Branding is what you are promising to your customers. Building a brand is a complex process and it gets tougher to cover up all the fundamentals of branding.

Branding usually has been associated with logo designing, choosing the brand colors and services and marketing afterwards.

In these perceptions, people usually forget about other elements that affect their business once they are established.

Sometimes people mention Price as one of the factors that the lower price you offer the greater your brand will reach. That has never been the case.

We all know about Apple, Reebok, Samsung, Mercedes and some other big brands, they don’t come at low costs yet they are being sold and purchased.

It clearly indicates that once you have build customer support and loyalty in terms of their experience for your services, they will be ready to pay a hefty amount in return for perfection and trust.

Setting yourself above the rest means something to them.

You cannot run a long-term business if you have not served what you promised. Focusing on logos and marketing material won’t help earn a name for you.

They are just the tools to embed a visual image in the customer’s mind. Here is a list of branding fundamentals that are often overlooked.

    1. Be distinct

      Differentiation and standing out of the crowd is the key. Building a similar copied brand from someone else makes you a commodity.

      Highlight and elevate your services and products so that the people perceive it as something new. Start focusing on what you are doing and how you plan to do it.

      Is it something new? Will it serve a new purpose to customers and is it better than other? If you are offering something similar, then re-brand and re-package your products and services so that a sense of uniqueness is visible.

    2. Focus on Employee Satisfaction

      Employee empowerment and satisfaction is also a valuable fundamental.

      A valued and motivated employee working with a company that has a positive culture, open environment and acceptable to his or her ideas will surely turn in to your customer and a part of promotion himself.

      He will refer and promote your name where so ever possible as gratitude. A loyal and happy employee is the right tool to spread goodwill to your customers.

    3. Consistent Quality Delivery

      It is a misconception to many that once you have built a brand, it is done! You have to be consistent and always performing.

      Keep dedicated procedures and right handling of every single customer demand.

      The quality you offer is a reflection of your name and personality. Do not compromise on service quality or product qualities to put yourself in an easy situation, no matter what the current situation is.

      It will only put dents to the hard-earned reputation till now. Customers may forget thousand good services but they remember a single fault.

  1. Be Positive

    There is a can v/s cant situation, sometimes or often. In such cases, accentuate a positive attitude and choose to perform rather than running away.

    Listening to the feedback, reviews and customers actual needs will build a loyal base for you. Adjust yourself to complex situations and positions and try to say Yes rather than a No.

    You are meant and working to serve and to earn business there is no way made through a negligence or negativity.

  2. Latest Technology

    For excellent accessibility and opportunities, exploit the technologies you have.

    Use websites, mobile apps, and mobile websites with properly organized information including the contact number, details, name and emails. These are not only for namesake but ensure that all are associated with someone who is available to respond.

    This way you are ensuring your clients that you are approachable and they are being welcomed.

  3. Problem Solving

    Put in place a thorough process to solve and handle all the problems. It might include financial problems, customer satisfaction, employee needs etc.

    Problems are meant to have occurred and effective problem solving is much needed.

    Your satisfaction will only come with the customer as well as employees satisfaction.

    Timely problem solving can help sort out several other problems.

    When a customer or employee is served timely for their problems, the chances of their returning back is increased manifold as they feel wanted and respected.

Even after following all the branding principles if you find yourself very close or resembling some other Business, then you are left with a single option. The option to serve the best to customers. This way you can change their attitude towards your business.

  • Do some goodwill deeds.
  • Give timeless deliveries and services.
  • Be accessible and easily reachable anytime.
  • Solve the queries like they are yours.

These are the fundamentals that many times go unnoticed by the employers or businessmen. Branding is a combination of customer-centric, culture base and corporate-oriented approach. You have to build a mark of your identity that is true and real. The standards you have set, you have to live up to them.

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