Every business needs to make new customers. Sales teams are focused on generating leads and converting them.

While all sales teams have to perform these two tasks, a few teams outperform others. These sales teams belong to successful companies or should we say, companies are successful due to the sales teams.

So why is it that a few sales teams outperform others?

It starts with lead generation.

There are multiple touch points with the prospects throughout the lead generation process.

The touch points could be a result of various inbound or outbound activities with different messaging and engagement levels. However, there is always one constant that remains consistent irrespective of activity and stage of lead generation.

This constant is your brand.

Another constant in the lead generation process is the prospect, who is always a human – people like you and me, people with aspirations and emA brand name connects with people (including decision makers) at an emotional level.

Companies that sell directly to end consumers understand the importance of brand very well whereas companies who sell to business customers sometimes tend to overlook the importance of brand.

Whatever type of organization you might be and whoever your target customers are, your brand name conveys an image of your company. Sales leaders need to consciously remember that the company’s brand communication can generate or turn off a prospective lead.

If your company uses telemarketing to generate leads, the prospect often gets to hear your brand name before the offering. His interest level during the sales call is dependent on the connect and comfort level communicated by your brand name.

Many companies use inbound lead generation methods like trade shows or the internet. Prospects of such companies get influenced by the brand name and its visual communication.

Such cases, sales people have no role unless the customer decides to take the first step. Your brand name, messaging and of course, your offering makes the customer pick up the phone or fill out a form or download an e-book.

If you are a company selling to large businesses, chances are that there is a decision-making group. In such a sales process, there are round of meetings and presentations at various levels in the hierarchy.

When you are sales person goes for a new appointment, his business card can impress or put off the person on the other end. At the stage of meeting with a group of decision makers, your company presentation should always start with the best impression your brand can create.

So a brand not just helps in lead generation but further down the process too. When it comes to brand name, business leaders need to ensure two things:

1. Make sure your brand name reflects your image
2. It connects with your audience.


It is crucial that company leadership give sufficient importance to brand name selection and brand identity creation.


A professionally done brand identity would not just pay for itself but also take your business to the height it deserves to be.

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