There are a few iconic brands, such as Apple, McDonalds, Nike and Revlon, whose names are eloquent of excellence and reliability. They started off from the scratch like many others, but positioned themselves on the crest of a wave, drubbing all the competitors. Their journey is a lesson for many.

There could be many reasons that led them to this jaw-dropping success. However, there has been a common, an incremental force working behind every successful and recognizable brand. This is the force of ‘Branding’. Branding is a steamy practice these days.

Given the ferocious business environment of today, this is a critical function meant for gravitating the masses and building a distinctive image.

If we go by the marketing dictionary, Branding is a set of measures undertaken for the promotion of a company or a brand. Though the simplest definition is – ‘Gaining Recognition That Matters’.

Branding is synonymous with business success as no brand can persevere the wrenching pressure posed by the industry if it lacks visibility and uniqueness.

Whether a company is a major global player or a budding start-up, branding is a necessity which cannot be ignored or shrugged off. It has to be there in some form or the other. It is not only for the leading honchos but also for amateurs who aspire to be victorious.

Here, we mention seven interest-evoking secrets that the business hotshots have employed for successful branding and eventually created a big, distinguishable brand.

  1. Authenticity

    The brand legends have never attempted to promote something unreal or outlandish. They know and understand the fact that customers are intelligent enough to learn about the deceiving tactics. It goes without saying that such absurd tactics can kill the originality of the brand and ruin future propositions.

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    So, they concentrated on what is real and authentic. While advertising, the highlighted the key qualities and effective uses of the brand. No exaggerated claims, no miraculous results. As a result, they have become the leaders, not followers.

  2. Clarity

    The go-getters the world sees and follows knew what they wanted from life, and even today, they know where they have to reach. A clear vision is of vital importance because it decides the course of action.

    For instance, if we know where we have to reach at 5 pm in the evening, we will plan the day accordingly to get there on time. Similarly, if we know where we have to take our business in next five years, we will lay our plans in sync with our aspirations and work for the reason.

    All the bigwigs of today have built a splendid reputation for their brands because they had a clear idea of how and where to move. They have a lucid view of the future and approach towards it. Their branding is suggestive of their clear vision.

  3. Quality

    Quality is the degree of excellence that is enough for grabbing immense attention and rooting oneself firmly on the corporate pitch.

    These prosperous brands are manufactured after blending the finest ingredients so that they can suit the diverse customer requirements in every possible way. They have given thrust on maintaining the highest quality standards in order to be different from the entire lot.

    The brand manufacturers have the urge to excel in whatever they do and this is another reason for their unfathomable success.

  4. Honesty

    Honesty is another reason behind some of the most inspiring brands existing today. Their creators have always remained true to themselves, the core values and the target customers.

    These famous brands have never followed anyone’s style and approach but tried to beat the tedious repetitions and monotonies of the business world.

    When it came to quality and value, these brands have never blinked. They always settled for the best. Therefore, they have such a handsome and unparalleled reputation. Even today, they live in the hot pursuit of perfection and nothing else.

    These brands have never tried to outdo anyone deliberately. Their excellent quality and hard-earned credibility eventually cleared the path to absolute success.

  5. Customer-Centric

    The brands who are in the top orbit have always given huge preference to the customers. The men behind these marvels focused on understanding the customer needs and made attempts to fulfill them to the highest levels of satisfaction.

    Not only this, they regularly introduced new and innovative ideas to push the branding and create a glorious reputation.

    They have always listened to their customers and never turned a deaf ear to them. They understand that customers indirectly run a business and hence they have kept customer interests ahead of their own interests.

  6. Communication

    The successful brands of today are fan favorites because they have always encouraged the comments and compliments from the customers. They have assured constant communication which is a pivotal aspect of any business.

    As we all know, strong and consistent communication is imperative for branding as it helps in building better customer bonds. It keeps a business updated on the latest trends, customer wishes and the performances of the rival companies.

    These brands have even provided the customers with those things which weren’t asked for but needed because they have sensed the pulse of the industry and the masses through continuous interaction.

  7. Social Media

    Some brands have kick-started their journey when Facebook and Twitter were not present even in the distant thoughts, but today they have an invincible market reputation because they understood the potential of social media.

    It’s obvious for the new ones to present themselves strongly on the social sites, but the veterans to have kept pace with the spiraling trend and turned everything in their favor.

    They have leveraged their branding by brilliantly utilizing the social networking tools, that resulted in the big bursts of gains.

These are the secrets of these iconic brands and their toughened market position, which remains unchangeable and cannot be stirred by any participant in the dock.

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