Most companies find themselves getting nowhere in their efforts of building a brand. Some relate it to great customer service while others bank on relentless advertising campaigns.

So what is a brand actually? A brand is a way in which your customers and general public view your business.

There are so many business of same kind with different public perceptions. Like some fast food joints are known for taste, some for fast delivery and others build themselves around a specific cuisine.

So how do they actually do it? There are many different aspects that go together in creating a brand. Lets uncover them one by one.

  1. Superiority

    Your product or service should be seen as superior to others. Superior here does not mean you have to be the best but need to have something that other people perceive to be better than others.

    This helps you become a brand in your league and not possibly one of the top brands in your industry.

  2. Longevity

    If you can somehow convince people that you have been around for a while or are going to be there for a long time, they start looking at you as a brand.

    This is nowhere related to quality or customer service but just a perception that works in an emotional manner within people’s minds.

  3. Uniqueness

    Is your product of service different from others?

    No? You don’t really have to different here, just tell people how you are different.

    It could be anything about how you pack your products to how you treat your employees, to how you design your outlets.

    People will remember you for some uniqueness, like a friend of mine remembers a famous retail store due to the use of black colour interiors.

  4. Story

    People also remember your business by the stories they hear about you or the stories you tell
    them about yourself.

    Sometimes the stories can be around how the business started accidentally or under some weird circumstances. Some brands are created with stories of passion and hard work around their founders and owners.

  5. Visibility

    This is the single most important factor to build a successful brand. The above four
    elements would fade away if your product or service is not visible to people. And this needs to be done regularly and consistently.

Brand building can be a tedious and cumbersome journey. Success is yours when you keep moving on the right path and work on the right areas to build a successful brand.

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