Greatness in a logo design is a very subtle and important factor in logo design. Most logos are designed with an aim to attain greatness marked by the market leadership of the brand associated with it. However, very few logos reach this stage as the logo design process in an agency environment is too client focussed. Wrong or right, client is always right.

So, here it is for those who want to create a great logo; 5 qualities you shouldn’t be missing when getting your logo designed.

  1. Simple

    Great logo designs are most often the most simple ones. Think of a big brand logo and chances are you will remember a text only logo which is very simple. Simplicity is a big contributor to creating a great logo.

    Most companies initially go in for very stylish logos, trying to incorporate every aspect of their business into it. But after using it for some time, they realise the value of a simple logo and eventually go for it.

  2. Memorable

    Another important quality of a great logo design is that should be memorable. And if you can connect it to the first point, you will see that simple at times is memorable too. Now simple does not mean it should look common. Something that is simple yet uncommon makes it memorable.

  3. Enduring

    Standing the test of time is one rare quality of all things great and it applies to logo design as well. Logos that are designed with ongoing trends are bound to look out of place after some time. This makes the brand look old and deteriorates its value. Endurance is necessary for a logo design to be alive in the minds of people. Using pictures and illustrations with logos make them more prone to appear dated after some time.

  4. Versatile

    A logo that does not attach itself to a specific industry or type of business is a versatile logo. Such logos can be used to brand any type of product or service by making use of the already established brand. Such logos are a great help in promoting new products and services of a growing and diversifying business.

  5. Neutral

    Neutrality is also one of the important qualities of a great logo design. Neutrality here means that the logo design should not drift heavily towards anything specific. This helps a logo maintain the brand image beyond the limits of all social and business typecast.

  6. Attaining all of the above qualities in a logo is not a one time task. It sometimes takes years for brands to reach a stage when their logo designs can be termed as great. You can also achieve this by continuing your logo design journey in the right direction.

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