Business comes in different sizes, but branding knows no difference amongst them. It is equally important for small as well as big business. There are cases when big brands try to look more like small firms and then there are small firms that are keen to imitate the branding basics of the world famous corporates.

Though few small business firms know what branding means to them, many of them haven’t recognized why it is essential and how it must be practiced.

Branding is a way of defining yourself and your business, team, organization to your audience. It embodies the core of business and the values of your organization and is essentially considered to be your identity.

Creating value and identity benefits the business in multiple ways and helps to build a trust from known as well as unknown customers.

Here are 10 simple ways for small business to create a long-lasting branding impression.

    1. Define the brand

      Be distinctive and differentiate yourself from others. Do your homework and research the offers and services your business offers are aligned to the need and concerns of your customer. Your brand should necessarily promote your business idea, culture, and values. Moreover, it should connect well with the customers and helps you attain a special place in the market for you.

    2. Think as a person rather than owner

      A factor or thought that is often overlooked is when you build your brand, you think as an owner rather than a person, whose character is a compilation of beliefs and trusts. These things define who we are and whom we rely on! To build a brand, it’s necessary to know and consider these factors. Have an understanding of people intuitive and know what should be incorporated into your branding and what not.

    3. Consider the Driving factor

      What is your brand hero- focus on that factor! One of your services might have a strong position in the market over others. If you focus on the same, you will be able to establish an emotional brand position and identity among the mind of customers. It helps in easy communication.

    4. Long Tershort-termion

      Broken promises and dishonest services are the worst a business can do to its customers. In fact, short term relationships eliminate repeat business. Don’t try to fancy dress up your offering and service and raise expectation on first hand and then deny all those promises. Be clear and true to your commitments which help to drive and boost your business.

    5. Be consistent

      Reinforce your business character into the same tone of voice. Whether you are offering products or services or after sale services, be consistent. You should not turn deaf ears to any complaints or help after sale.

    6. Repeat Business means No Repeat Messages

      A key message instead of being repeated in the same way should be imparted with coherent identities. Otherwise, the customer will feel bored and fed up!

    7. Do not imitate

      Try to carve a niche for yourself on your own. A stolen identity, a brand that resembles others and a strategy that has been followed earlier will be recognized by smart users and help you lose the market. While it’s an easier way to follow, but lazy branding does no help in long term. Leverage the benefits of unique status and attract customers who are in search of authenticity and originality.

    8. Become a Daredevil

      Be daring with your branding tactics and come out with something innovative, new and bold that helps you to grab eye balls at the right moment and light. Unlike big brands where there are low chances of daring, you have ample space to experiment and try.

    9. Communicate keeping brand in mind

      While dealing with the customer, don’t keep your brand on a side. Don’t dilute your position, become too much flexible just in order to fix a deal or lose price. There is much more than slashing prices to make a deal work. Offer promotions and other things which help to reinforce the mission.

    10. Stamp logo wherever necessary

      Do not give everything upfront and stamp your logo anywhere and everything. Let the customers unearth more about your brand, know more about you and let you know best and discover other range of services.

While these are the small tactics that you need to follow, you can make some more strategies based on your business idea. Make sure you do a cross research on your competitors and idols to avoid unwanted failures.

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