Logo design has been into existence since primitive times. One can find logos and symbols of various civilizations, all unique in their way. Archeologists decipher these symbols, and we get to learn more about the history of the evolution of humanity.

If we look at logos and symbols designed a few decades ago, we will see that no computers were used to create them. In fact, there were no computers back then. Many of these logos continue to be popular even today.

These hand-drawn logos have their unique charm and stand out distinctly from the clutter of software-based logos.

To create hand-drawn logos, you need logo designers with outstanding illustration skills.

Not all designers possess great illustration skills. You may have to do some good searching if you want a hand-drawn logo for your business.

Hand-drawn logos take more time and effort to create and therefore could be on the expensive side.

Here are some cool hand-drawn and illustrative logos designed by our skilled graphic designers for today’s businesses. Each logo stands out and has a story to tell.

Logo design for Bikamp Adventures

Illustrative logo design for Bohemiana furniture

Simple hand-drawn logo design for Bombsheel Clothing

Line drawing logo for Dunamis Apparel

Doodle logo design for Eleven Crafts

Expressive logo design for Fish happens tours

Portrait logo design for Khan Uncles Biryani House

Illustrative logo design for Rooted Gifts

Portrait logo design for Suri Saab restaurant and kitchen

Nature sketch logo design for Ultracoco pet products

Hand-drawn logos give a different style to your brand and makes it stand out from competing brands. The distinct images so created offers you an opportunity to create a unique positioning for your brand.

Great brands are not created by chance, they are a result of a distinctly carved out brand identity and the vision of an entrepreneur.

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