10 Reasons to use Woocommerce for your online store

Creating a successful e-commerce store is not a cakewalk. It takes enormous amounts of efforts to develop, manage and market an e-commerce store. While building an e-commerce store for the first time, most entrepreneurs face issues that lead to frustration, lost money and opportunities.

Woocommerce is an e-commerce plugin for WordPress platform. It has been in existence since 2011 and powers around 30% of all e-commerce websites.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should use Woocommerce for your online store.

1. Wocommerce is Free

Start-ups must spend their money wisely. Woocommerce is free and can be downloaded and used on any number of websites without paying a license fee.

However, it is not entirely free as you still have to pay for hosting, set-up, and customization services. But if you are on a tight budget, woocommerce turns out to be the cheapest option amongst other rivals.

2. Easy to set-up

Wocommerce is easy to set up and your new store could be up and running within a few days.

For setting up Woocommerce, you first need to set-up WordPress and then install the Woocommerce plugin on it.

You can do it yourself with little technical knowledge or find a designer to do it for you.

3. Ease of use

Woocommerce is an easy to use, straightforward e-commerce plugin for WordPress. Since WordPress is already known to most users, there is no learning curve with woocommerce.

The user interface is also very, and there are thousands of tutorials available to guide you in using it.

4. You own the data

Many e-commerce platforms such as Shopify require your data to be on their systems. Data such as your order information and customer information reside on their servers.

However, with woocommerce, nothing is shared, and you have complete control over your data.

You can also create as many administrative users and grant access to who can see what data. As an example, you can create an administrative login for your order dispatch team and allow them partial access to just the order information.

5. Customer-centric

A woocommerce store can be set up in any way you like, where you can have single or multiple pictures of your products. You can offer discounts on individual products or across your store. Also, you can offer discount coupons, gift cards, and other such promotional stuff.

On the sales side, you can have any payment gateway connected with a woocommerce store. Your customers can also pay by cash on delivery.

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6. Analytics and reports

Once you have visitors on your store, you get reports on most popular products, total sales, sales per category and so on.

You can view individual reports on sales of gift cards, discounted items, returns, shipping costs and other such heads.

All these reports prove useful in growing your business to the next level.

7. Scalability

Woocommerce is highly scalable which means you can grow your store to any extent. Thanks to a large community of developers, new features can be added anytime to your store.

On the products side, you can sell any number of products in your store. There is no limit the number of products or product categories that you can sell on a woocommerce store.

Woocommerce store is well equipped to sell both physical and digital products.

8. Blog

A blog is critical to the success of any online store today. A well written blog helps in spreading the name of your store as well developing a deeper connection with your customers and store visitors.

Blogs are also good for SEO as fresh content helps get better rankings on Google.

Since Woocommerce is built on WordPress, you automatically get a professional blog with your online store.

9. Security

Security of your online store is something you cannot ignore. A small glitch with a custom developed system could result in hacking or data breach.

Woocommerce has a large support community that keeps rolling out security updates. This ensures your store is always ready to counter any evil intentions.

10. SEO Friendly

One of the reasons for the popularity of WordPress is its SEO friendliness. SEO is a significant factor in boosting the revenues of your online store. Without SEO, your store is like a lone store in the middle of a desert with no visitors.

Woocommerce brings the goodness of WordPress SEO friendliness to your store and blog. As a result, you get better rankings, more visitors, and more sales.

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