WordPress is a well-known content management system that has evolved over the years as one of the extensively used website creation platforms. It is good for small businesses to use WordPress as it is affordable, manageable and offers all the flexibility needed for a small business.

Quick set up and Launch

WordPress is a pre-designed framework for creating websites and blogs. It comes with almost all the features needed for a professional site. If you have your content and pictures in place, a WordPress website can be set-up and launched in a day or two. Considering the number of features and option available, WordPress offers the fastest set-up and launch of a website.


WordPress core engine is free to download and use. There are plenty of free themes, and professional themes also are available at a reasonable price. All you need to pay for is a designer’s fee to set up WordPress with the theme and customize it for your business. It makes WordPress one of the most affordable website systems. You can get a decent WordPress website design for as low as $200.


Responsive websites are the ones that adjust automatically for best viewing on mobile screens. Most WordPress themes are responsive, so you don’t have to make any extra efforts for creating a responsive website.

Easy to update

The content management features of WordPress are very similar to what you find in any WYSIWYG editor. You can easily edit the text and images on your website by using the editor provided inside the WordPress platform. Many new themes come with frontend editors that allow you to make changes to the site from the frontend. It becomes easier to edit when you can see the output side by side.

Easy to scale

You can add many additional features to your WordPress website to enhance its functionality.

With WordPress, you can integrate features such as e-commerce, community membership, e-learning, file sharing and many others without the need for any additional coding. Moreover, upgrading to these features is either free or comes at a meager price. And finally, new features can be added almost instantly and without affecting the working of your website.

Comes with a Blog

WordPress was a blog that has turned into a popular CMS. It is for this reason that WordPress has a fully functional and feature rich blog. WordPress blog is a significant part of your content marketing efforts. With a WordPress blog, you can also schedule posts to and publish them at a later date.

Easy SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is the art of ranking your sites high on search engines. Many factors contribute to your overall rank in search engines. WordPress has several SEO plugins that tell you the actions you need to take to rank higher on search engines. Whether it is a regular page or a blog post, WordPress SEO plugins like All in One SEO and Yoast SEO let you fix all issues on your web pages that would make it less appealing to search engines.

Connected to Social Media

It is no more an option to be on social media. The success of your website is heavily dependent on how well you use social media for its promotion.
Websites created with WordPress can automatically post your blogs and pages to your social media pages. It saves time, and your social audience knows about all updates on your website.

Capture Leads

Lead generation is an integral part of the sales cycle. Salespeople generate leads in many ways, offline and online. Online lead generation includes call-to-action statements leading to various types of forms. There are also visitors to your website who are not prepared to take a buying decision. Such visitors are interested in educating themselves before buying something. With a WordPress website, you can offer your website visitors to download some educational case studies or white papers in return for their email id. It helps build a healthy database of prospects who can be nurtured to become future customers.

Customer connect

Captured leads may or may not convert. WordPress websites integrate with customer contact services like MailChimp and many more. These services easily connect with WordPress and capture the leads coming via various forms on your site. You can then chose to use these email ids in many ways such as sending periodical newsletters, offers or a multi-part educational program on something that is of value to your prospects.

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