10 mind blowing Illustrative Logos

Ten mind-blowing Illustrative Logos

Illustrative logo designs bring a distinctive charm to a brand. The designer gets to experiment with creativity and come up with designs bearing a unique character.

Illustrative logos require creative freedom as well as artistic precision. The beauty of illustrations is that they uniquely stand out amongst a crowd of brands.

Here are some illustrative logos created by our designers that will blow your mind away.


Peacock’s head represents the crown, but the color highlight comes from its feathers. The colors used are not that of a real peacock’s but are unique colors of this brand. What do you have to say about this design?


Dunamis is a sportswear brand, and they wanted an illustrated logo for their polo t-shirts. The designer has created an illustrative logo in brush stroke style, merging it with cursive text. Together, it forms s polo rider on a horse saddle.


The superlative theory is another apparel brand that wanted a graphic logo. The illustration shows a returning lion embodying the elements of a gentle beast.


Suri Saab is a great takeaway kitchen in south Delhi. The illustration is that of the family patriarch, and bright colors depict the traditional richness of Punjabi food.


Khan Uncle’s is another famous spot in Gangtok that is known for its delicious biryani. The illustration is of the family patriarch “the real Khan Uncle.”


It was a mascot created for an Indian restaurant in New York. The chicken mascot in colors of tandoori chicken depicts the essence of Mughlai tandoori food.


Ultracoco manufactures environment-friendly products from coconut fiber and other natural materials. The logo shows a coconut tree with ripe and fallen coconuts. The logo uses green and brown colors to depict environment friendliness.


Melania Sandra real estate consultants are one of our most liked logos. The home illustration brings a unique touch along with warm colors.


Little1 was India’s first online baby book. The ecommerce logo shows a happy baby and uses bright baby colors to bring a feel to the logo.


Photokiwi logo shows an observant Kiwi holding a camera as if clicking a picture. The logo was for a photography website and became the main attraction at the time of site launch.

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