Ten Amazing Logo designs for Start-Ups

It is very important to choose a proper business logo design for start-up business.

A wordmark logo is the best option for startups. It incorporates your company’s brand name in a uniquely styled text. There are no big images and special fonts are used to give a distinctive look. Following are some amazing logos designed by logopie for start-ups.


TeleSat Logo Design
TeleSat Systemsis a startup by Sivakumar Umaiyan which deals with Telecommunication System Engineering, Fiber Optical Communication, Microwave communication.

He wanted an professional logo design text logo but with a communication device like Microwave Tower, Antenna, Fiber integrated with the text itself.

We designed a logo with the complete name of the company as it is very important for startups to keep their logo simple and identifiable.


paint n bluez logo design
Paint’n Bluez Events is an Event management company started by Archit Awasthi that primarily deals with Weddings, Fashion shows, Conferences and Live shows.

He wanted a professional logo design which fits the company’s name as well as company’s Line of Business. We came up with a creative logo using a peacock symbolizing royalty and the colors depicting LOB.

The letter “B” in the logo has been used by Archit as the icon for this company.


ihita developers logo design
Ihita Developers is a Real Estate company. Lokesh wanted the logo to be simple, creative and attractive with the best color combinations.

The logo shall contain both the name of the company “IHITA” and the graphical symbol. The symbol in the logo represents buildings and also the initial letter “I” Ihita. Keeping it simple yet creative.


The Accessories Co logo design
The Accessories Co. is an online retail store for fashion accessories of female and male. Debbie & Cassie wanted a text logo with the use of black, neutral tones and pastel colors.

The logo is designed such that the colors are easily modifiable to match the trend or festival keeping intact the look & feel of the logo.


propwagon realty logo design
Propwagon Realty is an authorized sales channel partner for few reputed builders in Kerala and Bangalore and entering into the Real estate. Sibi George preferred a creative 3-D Logo.

We designed a logo to match the name “Propwagon: Property and a wagon” by using a set of buildings in a trolley to give it a modern and professional look.


bombshell clothing logo design
Bombshell Clothing is an online retail in Women’s Fashion Clothing. Brooke wanted her logo to be Modern, easy to read, eye-catching and neat.

The hanger in the logo depicts the Line of Business and the feminine color shows the target customer as women.


petals pr n media logo design
Petals PR & Media is into Public Relations, brand journalism, social media moderation, etc. For her company’s logo, Petrina wanted something in 3-D that is very professional and sophisticated and represent the name Petals.

The logo designed has 3-D elements used in the symbol of flower petals. The fonts used are media and magazine inspired.


foresight innovations logo design
Foresight Innovations’ main line of business is ATM Site preparation TIS work, Branch automation, and software. The logo designed is very simple and stand out.

The letter “F” of foresight can be used as company symbol. The fonts used are modified to make them unique. The colors used are completely professional and are best suited for a software company.


cuetap logo design
Cuetap is a mobile app for task management and organizing. Chait wanted a symbol with initial of the name to represent a letter “Q”. We designed a completely text based logo with CT in such a manner that represents “Q”.


Petrichor Technology Solutions
Petrichor Technology Solutions provide IT and network support to small businesses. “Petrichor” is the scent of rain on dry earth. Michael wanted a logo to depict freshness.

The use of water ripple and earthy color like blue truly justifies it. The use of clear and simple fonts keeps it professional and sophisticated.

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