Logos can be designed in many possible ways. Creative designers try to do something different each time they create a new logo.

Logos are primarily of two types, text-based logos, and abstract logos. Text-based logos are the ones that have only text and nothing else. SONY, IBM, and MARVEL are examples of text-based logos.

On the other hand, abstract logos are those represented by a symbol.

It could just be a symbol, a symbol with text or a symbol within the text.

While text-based logos clearly announce your brand name, abstract logos are easy to recognize and create a stronger impression in the memory.

If you are not sure which type of logo design is good for your business, it is a wise thing to ask your graphic designer.

Here are a few abstract logos designed by us at logopie. Note how the symbols within or accompanying the text bring a stronger recognition to the brand.

Logo design for Amcet Group of companies

Abstract logo design for Anthill Architects

Creative, abstract logo design for Blue Crown Foods

Abstract logo design for Bodycare World

Creative, distinct and abstract logo for Buffalo Furnishers

Simple abstract logo design for Cellcom

Symbolic yet abstract logo for Cubolite

Distinctive and abstract logo for Datatooth Technologies

Simple, creative and abstract logo for Dynami Nutrition

Abstract logo design for Dunamis Apparel

Good abstract logos could take longer to design than simple text-based logos. However, once you have a good abstract logo for your business, it will be of immense help in bringing a recognition to your brand. It is also seen that the uniqueness lent by an abstract logo makes you stand out from the competition.

Want to know if an abstract logo is suitable for your business? Get it touch with our design consultant at info@logopie.com

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